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We want Videos! We want YouTube!

Published January 27, 2010 by ladyserenity92

It’s been two years since I lunched my blog. Although my blog has been in sophomore stage, I’ve had a hunch that you guys want something a little more. It’s not that easy since the recession hit. It cost money to buy a camcorder and equipment to make a blog run a bit smoother. It may take time, but one day coming this blog will come shinning.

We want Videos! We want YouTube!

You will get your wish, soon!

Stay Tuned!

Exodus Tyson/A brief word on ‘A Gentleman’s Kiss’

Published May 27, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Good morning, Star Shinners! It’s good to be back on the old blog. I want to beging with a tragic update on Mike Tyson’s daughter, Exodus. I’m sad to report that the little girl passed on yesterday. Exodus was 4-years old. People, please keep this child and the Tyson family in your thoughts and prayers as they face this time of crises.

Yesterday on YouTube, I finally saw the trailer for Shinri Fuwa’s manga ‘A Gentleman’s Kiss’. So far the story between two lovers from rival Yakuza gangs have sparked a small following in the boy’s love circle. I’ll keep you posted on how the story turns out.

Stayed Tuned!


Please post a list of Shinri Fuwa’s titles and other June Manga titles that are out there. Thank you so much!

A Rare Song

Published May 6, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I was in the middle of  my thoughts when I heard a mystic Melody in my head. It was a haunting song called ‘My Love’ and it was sung by no other than Stacy Lattisaw. It has been years since I heard that song that beautiful young woman sang.

Every time I hear it in my head, I think of lovers together. And I think about how they made love for the first time. First love is so rare nowadays. No one has never thought about love and romance in ages. But you know, romance is not dead.

How many of you have cried at the scene in the Final Fantasy game in which the heroine dies in front of the hero? Or in the last episode of Cowboy Bebop where Julia dies and so does Spike?

I think that old song brings back memories. I would just wish that they played that song on the radio once more. Or on YouTube.

Stayed Tuned!

The 200th post and Boys before Flowers

Published March 8, 2009 by ladyserenity92

As I near my 200th post and the one year anniversary of, I wonder what kind of post I should post for the 200th post and for the one year anniversary. Will I post a story, a word of advice or something out of the blue about my life. I don’t know since I’m no Aristotle. Only 14 post to go until my 200th post. Keep reading.

Yesterday I visited and watched the Korean drama Boys Before Flowers. I thought it would be boring; but it turned out: I loved the show. The actors are just like the characters from the manga of the same name. I hope that the CW will do a remake of the show very soon. The show is so wonderful. I hope to read the manga and watch more of the show on youtube.

I’m posting this blog outdoors since its in the 70s today. I must say that I am disappointed in myself for staying up late watching anime on Adult Swim. I love anime so much; manga and mangwa, too. I also want to read and watch Fruits Basket. Fruits Basket is like a magical version of Pollyann. There is a stage play of Fruits Basket in Japan right now. I love Fruits Basket so much. Maybe someday Disney/Beunos Vista might remake Fruits Basket as well.

I feel spring coming up next week. A rebirth of life, of hope and of change. Since Doll’s Day in Japan has past and America has Women’s day and Mother’s day, isn’t about time we have a Girl’s day/Doll’s day in America?

I love dolls and the joys of womanhood.

Stayed Tuned!

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