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Be my Valentine

Published February 14, 2014 by ladyserenity92

“No fair,you cheated!” “No, you cheated!” The arguement was going on at the school yard between a girl and boy. The two children had played a game of cards. In the middle of the game, someone had peeked at the girl’s cards. “You cheated and you know it!” The girl continued. “I didn’t cheat!” The boy shouted. The girl now had her hand in a fist.
“You’re dead, Ming Park!” The boy resonded, “Bring it on Kim Oh!” The girl was about to throw a sucker punch at the boy, but someone grabbed her hand from behind. The girl turned around and saw the teacher, Mr.Cho. “What is worng with you kids?” he asked tersey.

Hot Riddles for a Cold Day!

Published February 9, 2010 by ladyserenity92

I have felt the cold snap from my subjects. I’ve decided to gave you two riddles hot and fresh from the oven! Enjoy them while they’re hot!

Calculator Riddle

This is a funny riddle that I invented on my calculator back in the 1990s. Find a  calculator to get the riddle.


What can be scrambled six times(press 6), fried six times(press 6); and boiled three times(press 3)?

If you got the number ‘663’, turn your calculator upside down and you got the answer to the riddle.


An egg.

‘Where are they’ Riddle


My cousin and her husband had just came back from their honeymoon. On their honeymoon, they visited a castle that was once restricted to outsiders except for the king and his family. On the next stop, My cousin went to a square where many youths sacrificed their lives on ‘The Streets of Red’. My cousin saw the portrait of a man who was responsable for robbing the childhood of  millions of children and countless others. When my cousin’s blood began to boil, her husband gave her a black-and-white teddy bear to calm her down. Since the bus was packed with people(as well as was the country with billions of people), My cousin and her husband decided to ride back to the hotel by bicycle. Pedaling off into the sunset, My cousin’s husband replied hauntingly, “My family and I left this country; it has never left me nor its people.”

Where were my cousin and her husband on their honeymoon?


They were on their honeymoon in China.

I hope you guys and gals have a safe Valentine’s Day, and a wonderful Chinese New Year!

Let’s do the tiger dance!

Stay Tuned!

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