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“Breaking Dawn” leaves fans hungry.

Published November 26, 2012 by ladyserenity92

After all of the hype of the finale of the ‘Twlight’ saga; the film and novel versions of Stephine Myers ‘Breaking Dawn’….

I was thirsty for more.

Myers left us with a lot of questions more than answers.

Here’s  a spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read the ‘Twilight’ novels nor seen the films, please don’t read this.

Bella becomes a vampire after Edward injects his vemon into her. Bella gives up her human life to bring her daughter Reneesme into the world. Jacob falls in love with Bella’s baby. The baby’s birth bring shame to the Vouturi and vows to kill the Cullen family. After much of nothing, peace is brought back to Forks. Bella and her family live happily ever after.

After three years of hoping to finish, I was glad it was over. Or, is it.

End of Spoiler!

“Breaking Dawn” is just a heart breaker and disappointing end to a good saga.

If you wish to read up….good luck!

My rating: D

Go for broke!


“Are you for Team Edward or for Team Jacob?”

Published November 22, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Q: Are you for Team Edward or for Team Jacob?

A: Hmmm? The eternal question that has plagued me since reading the Twilight book series. When someone asks me that question, it’s like being asked if I want B.D. Wong or Masi Oka to be my Facebook buddy or if I want to go to a baseball game with Ken Watanabe or go to a vegetarian dinner with Samuel L. Jackson.

Am I for Team Edward or for Team Jacob? That is the question that I have no answer for. I’m sorry.

I just enjoy reading the Twilight novels just for the fun of it find out who gets to have Bella’s heart. Back in Community College, I’ve met a real Edward and a real Bella. Of course they are not like the characters in the book series. Edward was a young man who wanted to be called ‘Ed’ or ‘Eddie’, but didn’t want to be called ‘Edward’ period. And my classmate Bella was a Hispanic Jehovah Witness who hasn’t heard of the Twilight novels and doesn’t want to read them because her religion is against certain reading of books.

The real Edward and Bella lives among you in this world. Just not in the literary world. (LTM)(Laughing to myself).

Am I for Team Edward or for Team Jacob? If you want me to answer that eternal question, don’t hold your breath.

Stay tuned!

Vampire Knight (Manga review)

Published August 25, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Childhood friends and Cross Academy school guardians Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are two teenagers who protect the day class from the night class. When twilight comes, the night class crosses the paths of the day class. Besides Yuki and Zero, the day class is blind to the hidden and dark secret: The night class is really a class full of young men and women who are vampires.

Vampire Knight has part action, part romance and part horror that is in the style of the Twilight novel saga. At first the book is slow, but after a few pages the action picks up steam. This manga from Matsuri Hino is a bit weak and fans of the Twilight and other teen and tween vampire stories will like this favorite, but this is not for readers that are sensitive, impressible or under 14 due to the innuendo and graphic violence.

Yuki Cross is a fighter without a past. Something that girls will like; as as her love interest Zero. Not the best, but a less tame for fans wanting to fill the void of Twilight, those who want to read vampire comics aimed at young readers and fans waiting for the release of the Anime version of Vampire Knight.

My Rating: B+

Stay Tuned!

A review on ‘New Moon’

Published February 13, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Stephenie Meyer’s novel ‘New Moon’ was a genuine story about Edward and Bella. With Jacob in the mix, this almost makes an excellent gem of a novel. I would liked a little more from the novel.

It was an easy and enjoyable tale that was done in a style of a picture less manga. I think that the book was written by a teenager. The plot works slow-paced and doesn’t solve much. What troubled me was that the action and romance was extremely bland and left me hanging.

What kind of symbolism did Mrs. Meyer hoped to follow with her detail? Has she made it her point by writing this fly by night B-novel? Or has she found her opportunity to cash in on her fairy tale dream of a young girl meeting a vampire that has become her way of escaping?

I do love the book and the possibilities that Mrs. Meyer has, however, I wish Mrs. Meyer would try to generate much more with her pen, imagination, and research than write something that makes an English teacher laugh and cry.

I’ll be gentle and kind, since I liked the book.

My rating: B+

Stayed Tuned!

Why Dakota Fanning should decline role in ‘New Moon’

Published February 9, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I know what you people are thinking. Dakota Fanning is a wonderful actress and a wonderful young woman of fourteen, and she is a star of some of the most unforgettable movies. One movie that she shouldn’t be in is New Moon.

Let’s face it, Ms. Fanning has never read the second book of the Twilight saga and is not that interested in the books anyway. She is not fit to play a vampire in the second Twilight movie. And besides, we have seen enough of Dakota already. I have just enough of Ms. Fanning and so has the whole world.

Sure she is talented and would be a good choice for the part in New Moon, but isn’t time to let another young starlet have the spot light besides Dakota? There are a lot of young girls who would be happy to play the role of a child vampire in New Moon. Unlike Dakota, I’m almost done with New Moon.

Sorry, Dakota. Maybe you should decline on New Moon and let someone else have the part. Can’t have Christmas every day.

Stayed Tuned!

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