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“Be Careful What You Say!”

Published April 30, 2014 by ladyserenity92

In a world that judges you on your words and karma,

Words are the most powerful weapons in the world.

Yesterday, Donald Sterling got the hammer thrown at him.

A lifetime ban from the NBA.

A fine of 2.5 million USD($).

And a reputation destroyed forever.

Remember this, guys!

There is no privacy when it comes to what you do and what you say.

No matter how you slice it.

Privacy is for who use it responsibly.

Privacy is not free nor is it a right.

Privacy is a privilege.

.Be careful what you say;

You may be recorded.

Use discretion when you use privacy.

Use your ‘free time’ responsibly.

Go for broke!

This post is in English!(For now)

Published April 4, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I hate to make this a ‘english only’ post.

It’s that there were just so many deadlines to cross.

Even online, deadlines on websites also exist.

Even on the phoneblogs.

Just comes to show….

When ‘they’ give a deadline for anything….

Make the deadline or be dead!

Please pass along & translate.

Go for broke.

Check it out, bro!

RE: Yumiko

Published January 18, 2010 by ladyserenity92

I know what you’re thinking.

And my answer is yes.

My drawing Yumiko was based on a real little Japanese girl I met at a summer festival in Charlotte of ’06.

Her name was Yumiko and she did wore a kimono.

I only met her once, but she stayed in my mind.

I often think about the young woman who I’ve met .

Has she cut her hair?

Is she really a tomboy and didn’t like wearing kimonos?

Whatever happened to Yumiko, I’ll never know.

I had a hit on my drawing.

I wonder if that person who viewed my drawing was the little girl I met at the  festival was Yumiko herself?

Stay Tuned!

Richard and Miyumi get jail time for balloon hoax

Published December 23, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Today a judge sentenced Richard and Miyumi Henie to jail in January 2010. Richard Henie was sentenced to 90 day; while his wife Miyumi was sentenced to 20. As you have forgotten, the Henins’ fooled the world by making up a story that their 6-year old son was floating away in a balloon. The Henins’ are known to do every crazy thing just to get on T.V.

I think that jail will be a good experience for the Henins’. It will teach them a lesson that it isn’t just wrong to fool people, it is just stupid, childish and dangerous. They were adults and should had known better. To top off the sentenced: The Henins’ cannot make money off of their story for four years. The Henins’ got lucky and dodged a bullet. (It would’ve been a lot worst for both of them.)

The Henie brothers have to pay the price for their parents’ stupidity. Now they will have to spend a long time  without their parents until they come home from jail.

Stay Tuned!

This is the last post for the holidays. Lady Serenity will be back in two days! Have a wonderful Christmas season!

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