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The Sender

Published October 31, 2013 by ladyserenity92

Everone’s got an enemy in their lives. Some put up with them; while some cannot bear an enemy for more than one day. Now I know a guy that recives thousands of calls and e-mails from people around the world that want their enemy to be sent away to a place far away.

The end of ‘Hell Girl’?

Published November 2, 2009 by ladyserenity92

It has been two long years since the 1st season of Hell Girl came onto DVD. But there is a sad truth season 1 will be the only season of Hell Girl that will be ever be available, as Funimation has no plans to release seasons 2 and 3 in the future. Hell Girl did had its fun in the sun after all. Has Funimation made plans to release Hell Girl or have decided to pass on the opportunity? Only time will tell. I’ll keep you posted.

VIZ Media has brought rights to the anime version of Vampire Knight.  I kid you not. The anime will be release sometime in the winter or spring of 2010. Twilight will be given a run for its fandom.

Speaking of Hell Girl, I been thinking about writing an unauthorized version of the anime known as ‘The Sender.’ The Sender is similar to Hell Girl, but the series takes place in North America. Instead of Ai Emma, there is a blond, blue-eyed girl named ‘Lilith’ and Lilith has a Grandfather instead of a grandmother. The setting is European and focuses on mythology, fairy tales and ghost stories. Don’t worry, it has the same elements as Hell Girl. I might write the adaption and send it to a television company someday.

Oh, Well!

Stay Tuned!

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