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My Door is open

Published October 14, 2009 by ladyserenity92

My door is open to the wannabes, the queen bees and the meanies.

It is open to all people of all creeds and races.

If you would like to share a word or two on my post, let me know.

But please, keep it clean and nice.


If you’re looking for John Oh, he’s in Zodiacland. There are plenty of John Oh’s (and John Cho’s) out there waiting to be called on and loved!

Stay Tuned!

A meeting with John Oh

Published October 9, 2008 by ladyserenity92

I had a dream about a meeting with one of my charters from Adventures in Zodiacland. His name was John Oh and he is a Zodaian-Korean. He has a twin brother named Sun-Jin (Jin). As we were talking on the train, he opened up about himself. It was very rare because I am a woman (and by the look on his face, he was blushing as he spoke to me.)

John told me that things were going well with his life partner, Yosuke. Yosuke would be taking his last name when he marries. Yosuke Oh, hmmm? John showed me a photo of his partner and his adoptive children. I saw that Yosuke was a bull. John said that just like him, he too has a twin brother named Errol. This is what John told me about his lover:

“He has a scent of cherry blossoms and has a birthmark of a cherry blossom symbol on the left side of his chest that covers his heart. He has green eyes and a rich voice like that of an old friend. He plays the violin everyday and every night he makes love to me. We both work at his bookshop where he sell his books as well as others. He very shy, (I don’t know why). And he has borderline autism. Yo and the children mean everything to me.”

I smiled at John after he spoke about his lover. When the bus came to a stop, I saw Yosuke standing at the bus stop, with a rose for his lover. John bid me a goodbye and said that he’ll see me again someday. Yosuke came up to John when he got off and handed him the rose. Without a word, John thanked his lover with a kiss.

As I post this blog of my dream, I wonder if I’ll ever write Adventures in Zodiacland in the future. As more charters from my novel come into my dreams, I know that they want me to write about them soon. After I finish my other stories, I hope one day to write about the people of Zodia, about Patty, and about John Oh and the way his rare weak in the knees blue eyes looked at me as an old friend.

Stay tuned!

A girl named Patty

Published August 22, 2008 by ladyserenity92

My name is Patty MacDonald. I’m 12, in the seventh grade and live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

My mom and dad are divorced. I have a five year old sister named Ruby. She’s very bright for her age and very cute. Two days after my twelfth birthday, my dad sent me a necklace in the mail. He told me it was some kind of Lolita necklace that was inspired by the movie Tianic.

The necklace is very odd. Its in the shape of a heart, blue colored and has the mark of Libra on it.

I don’t know what this necklace holds for me; what I do know is once I wear it around my neck, I will enter into a world that is no other. Once I come to the inner realm, I will never be the same again.

What will become of Patty when she enters the world of Zodiacland? A modern fairy-tale mixed with everyday situations from different walks of genre. If you like Fruits Basket, wait till you read:

Adventures in Zodiacland. Coming Soon! (I hope!)

Stay tuned!


Published July 20, 2008 by ladyserenity92

A: Morning, ‘Bro!

B: Morning, Dragon Breath! I see that you’re getting psyched up for Mr. Chase’s math class. (1)

A: As always. You shave?

B: Yep. I’ve been shaving since I was fourteen. It’s been a year now. I’m fifteen and still at it. In fact, you remember that I once had long hair and a beard back in sandwich school. (2)

A: Well, that’s nice.

B: If mom haven’t made me cut my hair and shaved my beard, I’d be one handsome dude ruling the high school. I’d be a sex god. (3)

A: If you’re always shaving your face, why don’t you shave your pubic hairs while you’re at it.

B: Get the hell out of here, Lisa! (4)

A: Geez, can’t you take a harmless joke?

* This is another piece from the Adventures in Zodiacland piece.

(1) Mr. Chase is one of the characters from the book.

(2) Middle school or Jr. high (doesn’t matter.) 🙂

(3) A sex god is a cute guy. (Remember the Georgeia books?)

(4) Another Adventures in Zodaicland character.

Candy Bar*

Published July 18, 2008 by ladyserenity92

A: Hey, Chicken Curry!

B: Dale, did you take my chocolate bar?

A: Um, what chocolate bar?

B: Don’t lie. You know the chocolate bar that was on my desk in my study.(1)

A: You mean a chocolate sweet bar with a raspberry nougat, cookie center covered in triple chocolate layers? The one that came from England? The one in a purple wrapper that you need to help with your blood sugar?(2)

B: You ate me candy bar! You little theft.

A: I’m sure its in a safe place.

B: I’ll kill you, you little—

A: Un, uh! Remember, love your neighbors!

B: Damn! Sometimes I wish I had followed my dad and become a doctor instead of a reverend.

A: And a Happy Christmas to you too, Chicken Curry!(3)

*This is the hint that I am working on Adventures in Zodiaclandby using two of the many characters from the series.

(1) The Reverend means ‘office’. He’s Anglo (English), but he and his descendants don’t live in England.

(2) The boy is taunting him by using the word ‘sweet’ in place of candy. Candy is called a ‘sweet’ in England. The candy was an import from our world and was somehow brought into theirs. The boy knows that the reverend is a diabetic. He and the reverend don’t get along.

(3) A dialog slant that is always said by the English (UK) on Christmastime. Many (but not all) of the English love Christmas.

Adventures In Zodiacland coming soon(I hope!)

Published July 15, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Ever since 1993, a book series has popped up in my head and doesn’t want to let go. The book series is called Adventures in Zodiac land.The book series is aimed at both teens(10+) to adults. Adventures in Zodiac land has everything in the story that is almost read like a soapbook*. But for some reasons, I won’t be able to release the book series anytime soon. It has Strong mature, social and adult themes that won’t fly in America  I will release the series in about 2009 or 2010. In the meantime, I’m on the paper working on it. More information about the series will be available soon. I’ll keep you posted! Bye!

*A soap opera-themed book

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