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RE: “Rose Maiden” and so much more

Published November 30, 2011 by ladyserenity92

“Rose Maiden” aka: “Maiden Rose” are manga of the same story I posted about awhile back . In many counties, fans call the sexy-same-sex romantic war manga as an ode to ‘Gone with the Wind.’ Thanks to fans like me ‘Rose Maiden has began to gain steam in many circles. It’s a word-of-mouth graphic novel. I’ll keep you posted.

Rumors are flying that the now defunct manga company ‘TokyoPop’ wants to get back into the ring again. After the movie ‘Priest’ bombed at box-offices, TokyoPop has made the move to go right back into the publishing business and start from the bottom. As for Lady Gaga playing the role of Sailor Moon… It’s a no go, Hikaru!

In the great recession, manga and anime sales have skyrocketed during this holiday season. Cartoons are a billion-dollar business. Cartoons are recession-proof. And no one can’t resist cartoons. Cartoons are sometimes good investments.

The fight is over. They’ll be no more ‘whitewashing’ in Akria now that actor Ken Watanabe has been given a spot in the live-action film. Watanabe, who’s a twice cancer survivor was thankful to be given a role of a lifetime. What’s next for Watanabe-San(Mr.Watanabe)? an Oscar(TM)?


KFC! (Keeping fingers crossed)

Go for broke!

“Fake” in real life?!

Published June 25, 2011 by ladyserenity92

As GLBTS Pride Month wraps up, I just has a dream that just can’t stay concealed in my head…. 
It was last night I had a super- forbiden dream.  I was watching Sanami Matoh`s manga`Fake` on HBO/Showtime in live-action. There was a real Ryo McLean, Dee and a cast of others from the pages of the graphic novel. Even Ryo and Dee were in the shower making out together. It was so real I had a nose bleed on my pajamas. It could have been a rumor from the TMZ website.
Do you think that “FAKE” can come on and make lots of female fans’ have nose bleeds of excitement? Could it happen? Is America ready for this?
I hate to pop your balloons….
 The problem is that Sanami Matoh(Moth-Sensei) wants her ‘men’ to be the real-to-life Van McCoy.
Bottom line, the ‘Moth’ doesn’t want any funny business done to her good-hard work.
Randy(Ryo) is Scotch Irish–Japanese and Dee is an Italian–Puerto-Rican with a shot of African-American in his blood.
MTV has just recently canceled “Skins”.
homosexuality no longer sells in America.
(Yet, we’re got there with ‘Milk’ at the Oscars.)
There’s no snowball chance that they’ll be a “Fake” Television show anytime soon.
Not to mention… Tokyopop has just closed its North American headquarters permanently.
For now, catch-all the Tokyopop titles before they become out of print.
All you can do is dream.
Here’s one to get you started:
Someday, dreamers! One day.
Go for broke!

‘Free’ Cookie recipe

Published April 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Pass it on!

Happy Easter!

More ‘Easter eggs’ or ‘Spring Globes’ on the way in the coming weeks!

Go for broke!

That’s All, Folks! 


In case you’ve haven’t heard the ‘sad news’….

It’s with a heavy heart to tell you otaku

After 14 years, Tokyo Pop of North America is phrasing out its headquarters.

President Stu Levy made the announcement via his blog.


Saying goodbye to so many friends and stories from the underground will always bring me back the days of Sailor Moon.

Although this may be the last goodbye of ‘Tokyo Pop’.

And I’m not sure if Levy-Sensei has made a wise/bad move to get up the bucket,

For some things….

Japan prevails….

And so will cartoons!

Stu Levy will have a ‘back up’ plan.

He always has!

RIP Tokyo Pop!


Send your condolences at my link to


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