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Facts about ‘South Carolina’

Published May 14, 2010 by ladyserenity92

 I wrote some notes on a piece of notebook paper back on my vacation in ca.2006. Please enjoy.

Facts about ‘South Carolina’

The state capital of S.C.: Columbia.
The state bird:Carolina wren.
The state flower: Yellow Jasmine(The song lyric ‘Summer Breeze’ has a line that ‘hints’ this flower.)
State mammal: Whitetail deer.(Bambi lives there!)
State game bird: Wild turkey.(Thanksgiving at my sister’s house!)
State gemstone: Amethyst(Hey, I have a geo of one in my bedroom!) 😀
State song: ‘Carolina’. (Might be James Taylor’s “Carolina” (?).
State hospitably drinks: belive it or not, both tea and milk are the two state drinks of South Carolina. In fact, during a visit, I combined the two drinks together and made milk tea. Milk tea is very good. After you made your  ‘sun tea’, put some milk in the tea(and a sweetener/sugar, if you wish), mix it up and put the tea in the refrigerator for about three hours max.(I sometimes leave mines in the ‘frige a little longer.)

After your milk tea is cold, serve a glass to everyone and for yourself. This is a ‘British-style drink’. But what ever you do, don’t put any lemons or lemon juice in the tea with the milk. Milk is a liuque and lemon juice is an acid. When mixed together, the lemon juice causes a ‘cuddle’ effect to the milk.
State tree:Palmetto(When you first visit South Carolina, you often mistake a palmetto tree for a palm tree. Palmetto trees are distant relatives to the palm trees.)
State fruit: Peach(Since there are beaches, I wonder if there are people selling peaches on the boardwalk? Peaches are much tastier, and lest expansive than ice cream.)
State butterfly: Eastern tiger swallowtail(My heroine in my novel called “Such Sweet Sorrow” was called ‘Butterfly’.)
State seashell: Lettered Olive oyster.(South Carolina is heaven to sea shell captors and collectors.)
State stone: Blue granite.
If your ever hungry, South Carolina has a lot of seafood and rice dishes. The ‘State’ dish that South Carolina is famous for is their Gullhula-rice dish ‘Pallou’. Prallou is like Spanish Pallea, but there are different versions of the dish that are based from region to region. I have a recipe for both pallou and sun milk tea. I’ll post the two recipes on my ‘Recipes’ category.

This ‘note’ was an ‘outline’ based on my novel ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’. It has been three years since I’ve placed my novel on  hiatus. Just like ‘Caolina’, Butterfly and Ray are still on my mind to this day. Someday I’ll finish up the novel and other projects that I’ve put off. Only time may tell.

The original story was set in Charleston County, in a fictitious seashore island town called ‘Blue Vision’.

Just like forbidden love, writing a novel is so complicated!

Stay Tuned!

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