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Jobs resigns from job, What’s next for Apple?

Published August 26, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Now that Steve Jobs has retired from Apple Computer, many are wondering what will become of the billion-dollar bubble? Steve Jobs has battled illnesses, losses and rumors over the years. His resignation came as a no-surprise moment. It had to happen sooner or later. Jobs has done a fabulous job making Apple into a household catchphrase instead of a name of a piece of fruit. Instead of discovering apple pies; he went the extra mile and invented different styles of pies to sell to consumers. Yep, the man was a real ‘Simple Simon’ and a Thomas Edison.

Losing Steve Jobs means a loss of one of many ‘wizards’ that cannot be replaced. If I tell you Jobs’ rags-to-riches story it would take four years to fill this blog. Jobs was a nobody to the bullies. By age 13, he already knew of his destiny. technology.

Steve Jobs has a long-lost sister. Author Mona Simpson(Anywhere but Here). She’s one ‘Simpson’ that he calls a ‘best friend’. He’s no Bart to his only living relative.

With the losses of  Nick Ashford, Phoebe Snow and so many other talented people exiting or passing on; the loss of  ‘The Modern Thomas Edison’ leaves a crushing hole to Apple’s piece of the pie.

So what’s next for the Billion-dollar Apple pie now that its pie-maker has called it quits?

So far Jobs hasn’t decided who his successor will be. Apple Computer sales has seen its billion-dollar pie burned in stocks.

With so many losses in Wall Street, what will become of the Billion-dollar bubble and its pie?

What’s Next for Apple?

What will Apple do now that its pie making has left his job?

Go for broke.

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