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Be my Valentine

Published February 14, 2014 by ladyserenity92

“No fair,you cheated!” “No, you cheated!” The arguement was going on at the school yard between a girl and boy. The two children had played a game of cards. In the middle of the game, someone had peeked at the girl’s cards. “You cheated and you know it!” The girl continued. “I didn’t cheat!” The boy shouted. The girl now had her hand in a fist.
“You’re dead, Ming Park!” The boy resonded, “Bring it on Kim Oh!” The girl was about to throw a sucker punch at the boy, but someone grabbed her hand from behind. The girl turned around and saw the teacher, Mr.Cho. “What is worng with you kids?” he asked tersey.

The “press” has just gotten bigger!

Published February 11, 2012 by ladyserenity92

After so many people read my children’s short ‘But what if you don’t like apples?” they were searching for the name of a girl I deacated to. They wanted to know who Aminah is. Aminah is my niece. She’s very shy and sweet. Aminah was named after a book about an Ethiopian princess. The book is out of print at this time. Good luck finding it. You know I will.


So many cultures fascinate me. Korea’s becoming a booming country. After the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, Korea is gaining more freedom. After the unexpected hiatus of  pop singer/actor Rain, South Korea’s seeing new faces ready to take on the spotlight of ‘Koreawood’. Reports have come in about a rebellion happening in North Korea. Current dictator Kim Jong Un is struggling  to allow more freedom to his people.

The hermit nation is slowing losing its hermit status. Instead of kids singing ‘Great Leader’ they are singing songs by Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. Adults are reading books by authors from South Korea and beyond. Will this rebellion win over the hermit nation after years of darkness? Will South Korea opened the doors with its new freedom? Will I learn Korean like actor Jim Carey in ‘Yes, Man’?

Stay tuned!

Yahoo vs Google

After a slump, both representatives of Yahoo and Google have called it a day. Shares of Yahoo and Google have been down since the 4th quarter(fall/winter). In the meantime Google has unveiled more tools that some say might invade privacy.

Yahoo has yet to come up with another plan.

The days of Fab February.


Go for broke!

Manhwa for Americans

Published October 23, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Last name first, First name last!

Comics(graphic novels) are recession-proof.

As South Korea becomes more open toward the US, Americans are getting a ‘taste’ of Korean Manhwa.

Koreans are the top consumers of graphic novels.

Manhwa is slowly catching on as Japanese manga and anime are on the decline.

On rare occasions, manhwa and manga art can be combined together to make a fairly new genre.

Graphic designers can be as creative in experimenting many art forms for their art.

Korean anime is also creeping back on shop selves like ‘Doggie Poo’ and ‘My Girl Mai’.

Christian-themed anime and comics are not as rare in South Korea, but are ‘sleepers’.

South Korean Christians outnumbering Buddhist and others non-Christians might be one of the reasons why Christian-comics are hard to sell.

“Saint Marie”  by Korean-Catholic Yang Yeo-Jin and Choi Kyung-ah’s ‘Snow Drop’ were one of top sellers in the Christain-themed Korean market.

The books overseas never sold and went out of print after the comic-boom ended in the late decade of 2009.

It’s not clear how will South Korean Manhwa will be picked up.

Only time will tell if Americans and Korean-Americans will fully embrace Korean Manhwa with their graphic novel collection.

On their bookshelves or eReaders.

Go for broke!


Published September 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Now that the policy of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is done, many people are now in a power struggle. One side has made it clear: Same-Sex lifestyles are here to stay.

The other side of the mountain want to make marriage as one man-one woman.

In every power struggle it’s not about yours or ours; it’s about a rainbow.

A rainbow?

In the bible, after a flood there’s always a rainbow.

Rainbows are symbols of peace,hope and love.

Happiness always comes in good things.

Check out the true meaning of rainbows.

Rainbows bring people of culture together.

Japan and South Korea are having conversations about having same-sex unions in their countries.

I’ll keep you up to date!

Remember the rainbows!

Go for broke!

Don’t give up, Sly Stone!

Feeling a little Irish today!

Published April 15, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Jakers! I’ve loved Piggly Winks and his misadventures.

Top of the morning, to ya!

There are more Irish folk in America that celebrate St. Patrick’s day that those who live in Ireland.

The Irish in Ireland get a tip of 100 USD($) In Irish pounds, of course! Plus, all the tea and beer.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste aren’t included. Either is the dental plan for so many with their ‘smiling’ household filled with children.

The old woman in the shoe has just given birth to her 19th child.

She just turned 50 when it happen.

Happy birthday, Ma!

 The common bond that both the school system, the prison system and the government in the States and over in Ireland, is that both governments are so cheap; since there wasn’t any money to provide the schools and the prisons with paper towels….

Both the students and the prisoners have to wave their hands just to dry them.

With today’s budget cuts, people are forced to wave their hands just to get their government’s attention.

School is prison/but at lease you’ve got choices in the outside world.

(This satire joke is for entertainment puropuses only. It is not intended to offend any certain racial group.)

Did you know that South Korea is the only asian country outside the US that celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

 Phoebe Prince would’ve been sweet 16 on her birthday in 2011.

(Sad.) 😦

To this day, people are still hating one another.

Just comes to show; it isn’t a problem until it happens to someone close to you.

Maybe to you.

Man up!

Put a lid on the bullying.

We are all pencils in the hand of God—- Mother Teresa.

Go for broke.

Here’s to the memory of  Natt Dogg.

41 years young.

Gone too soon!

Enjoy your new home in the sky with God and his angels, bro!

Peace out!


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