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L’élégance du hérisson/The elegance of the Hedgehog

Published February 29, 2012 by ladyserenity92

Happy Leap Day! This post is dedicated to Sonic-fans, hedgehog lovers; Otaku-fans….dash it to bits! This post is for everyone celebrating Leap Day!

After so much chaos in the news, I’m looking forward to this once-every-four-year event.

For the first time I’m reading a post-Sonic the Hedgehog novel about the elegance of being you.

In a recent school shooting at an Ohio school that has left three kids dead and a 17-year old with a lost future, I was glad to read a book about two souls at an apartment building in Paris.

Paloma and Renee are two Nipponphiles who don’t think of themselves as worthy because of their high intelligence and a taste of the Japanese(Nippon)style of life. But when an elderly sensei comes moving in, the elegance of these two ‘hedgehogs’ shows it true style that they have hidden from the world.

In diary entries of both Paloma(12 going on 13.) and Renee(54), these young women get an education. Although people see the worst in them, another person can see the best in you and give you the purpose to live and become much more.

My rating:A+

Go for Broke/Stay tuned!

Jour bissextile heureuse! Ce post est dédié à Sonic-fans, les amoureux de hérisson; Otaku-fans …. il se précipiter aux bits! Ce poste est pour tout le monde célèbrent la Journée Leap!
Après tant de chaos dans les nouvelles, je suis impatient de cet événement une fois tous les quatre-ans.
Pour la première fois que je lis un post-Sonic Hedgehog le roman de l’élégance d’être vous.
Dans une récente fusillade en milieu scolaire dans une école Ohio, qui a laissé trois enfants morts et une vieille de 17 ans avec un avenir perdu, j’étais heureux de lire un livre sur deux âmes dans un immeuble d’appartements à Paris.
Paloma et Renée sont deux Nipponphiles qui ne pensent pas d’eux-mêmes comme étant digne en raison de leur grande intelligence et un goût des Japonais (Nippon) style de vie. Mais quand un sensei personnes âgées vient d’emménager, l’élégance de ces deux des hérissons montre son style vrai qu’ils ont cachée au monde.
Dans les entrées de journal à la fois de Paloma (12 en cours 13.) Et Renée (54), ces jeunes femmes reçoivent une éducation. Bien que les gens voient le pire en eux, une autre personne peut voir le meilleur de vous et vous donner le but de vivre et de devenir beaucoup plus.
Ma note: A +
Go for Broke / Restez à l’écoute!

Book Reviews

Published December 8, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Good morning, friends! After a few days off for my birthday, I’m finally back! I noticed that I have been getting hits for the book reviews that I post on my blog. It’s true that I often post the books that I read online and people go out and buy them. I can’t give out my address nor buy a book, so I have to go to the library to rent the books I like to read.

I hope you guys like my book reviews!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Merry Holiday!

Stay Tuned!

A book review on ‘The Icarus Girl’

Published November 30, 2008 by ladyserenity92

The Icarus Girl is a story about 8-year old Jess Harrison. The only child of a Nigerian-born author mother and a white English father, Jess has encounter with her twin, a doppelganger named Tilly-Tilly. The novel is written by English-Nigerian author Helen Oyeyemi. It is a dark tale of good and evil, magic, ghost, cultures; parent and child relationships and the human psyche.

The novel is slow-paced, but much of a good read if you love the stories of the Grimm Brothers and stories about ghost and the supernatural. The story has a little slant about Jess’s growning up when she has a final battle  with Tilly-Tilly. When you read The Icarus Girl, you’ll be moved by Jess and a potpourri of Characters that are in the novel. I was a bit disappointed that the novel’s ending left me hanging.

Although a near-miss by first-shot author Helen Oyeyemi, this is one book that you can’t afford to overlook.

My Rating: B+

Stayed Tuned!

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