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Another Monday; Another look on the highway ahead.

Published February 7, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Hi, cyberellas and cyberfellas! 

I was super lucky and happy to see not only your websites,

but also a bit about yesterday’s Superbowl Game.

As you guys know by now.

(websites) on yahoo and much of the parts of the cyber-vine.

The game was much better than the comomusals.

In point… I ‘blacked out’ in a haze of sleep.

Green Bay Packers won over the Pittsburg Steelers!

Glad that’s over.

Your topics and responses on my blog are excellent.
I get a lot in your responses most of the day. 

(WAB)*, I really thank your very much!

by the way, Mocking Jays…

 the themes of your revolutionary blogs are….




Just where can you find the place that’s ‘it’ to you or me?


I think you came for a visit to me website.

 So here I am!

I am trying to find new things to improve my web!

Charlotte is now living in my closet 😀

A real spider that I named after a timeless coming of age novel by E.B. White.

Whenever I need a reminder that when I feel down,

“She” there in my closet telling me that I am a “somebody”.

Another one of God’s creature’s that has come into my life.

I’ll always remember my “Charlotte”!

“Welcome back to earth, Charlotte!”

Is it ok if I could use some of the many letters on the things that you  saw here?

Drop me a post in 10 days, if you can!

See ya!

Go for broke!

There are times and days that I just love reading and posting more than having two slices of pie.

(Lines, Smlines!) 

I’m going without a script.

But sometimes I think I can always add some extra value with a little help.

Cheers !

Another Christmas day over!

Published December 25, 2010 by ladyserenity92

 I was luck to seek Maya’s website on I want to thank Ms. Maya of “Mayawrites” that her  topics on free writing are excellent. They often advice on how to get a lot of response  in my topics. I really want to thank Maya very much.

btw.(By the way) 

The themes of  my blog  are known as ‘free writing’ or ‘variety’ blogging. It’s really splendid that I don’t have to write everyday; the thing is where I can find something that interest me, I write about  it. I want to get my hands dirty and experience what the public of bloggers like. And I have to be respectful. I remember Jin ‘chastising’ me about South Korean singer/actor Rain. I still remember that. And about Yu Kona’s now infamous(I should’ve done my homework. I was a rock-head.) This is what happens when you go into a cultural conflict.

Both young men have since forgiven me.

btmfa(Bowing to my fans’ apology)

As Christmas day comes to an end, and I begin penning down my New Years resolution for 2011; I think about the good times, the bad times and the down-right ugly times. It was on YouTube that a rare gift was shown to the world. A sign of hope!

Double Rainbow.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

Stay tuned!

Bittersweet Saturday

Published August 29, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Saturday, August 29th, 2009.

The day that is bittersweet.

This day would have been Micheal Jackson’s 51st birthday.

It is the day Sen. Ted Kennedy was laid to rest.

The day in which this is the last weekend of the month of August. And the month of summer of 2009.

As I look ahead of the new month of September, 2009, I come to reflect on what has been and what should have been.

The summer was a time of joy and a time of sadness.

We can never go back to the joy nor sorrow from which we experienced.

We as human beings must walk on to the future and make a mark in our lives.

The past is gone forever.

We must try to enjoy the now and begin a new future, which is life.

Bless you, dear ones. Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Tuned!

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