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Jimmy Lee

Published March 1, 2011 by ladyserenity92

A song about a ‘bad’ boy changing a ‘good’ girl forever.

The way Aretha Franklin remembers it.

A ‘rare’ treasure that only you can decide what’s the songs about.

Million Jimmy Lees are out in the world that are really individualist.

This is for them all.


Doesn’t matter.

Go for broke!

Mystery Song!

Published January 26, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post comes to show

That anything in the soul of music

can be poetry.

Soul food for the ears.

It least this ain’t ‘meat’ that’s just today’s blogna!

Found it stored up in my dusty ‘stick drive’.

Don’t know what song it is,

If you like it and have any information about the ‘rare gem’

give me a response,


You have the power of the fate of my blog.

Stay tuned!



A dream right out of a Teenage French”Soap Novel”!

Published April 21, 2010 by ladyserenity92

This song would have been the theme song to a romantic France teen ‘schoolgirl’ soap novel, or a ‘shojo’ for that matter.

It’s true that the song was in French when it was played in Quebec, B.C. in 1981.

The reality was that this  young woman really did live the life of a ‘French’ soap novel heroine.

She grew up poor in a shack with a lot of brothers and sisters. Although her parents were deeply strict, they shared a love of music with the girl and the rest of the family. On most nights, since television was a ‘sin’ lexury, the raido was their soruce of entainment.

At the age of thirteen, the girl left home to start a singing creere.

At sixteen, the young woman  fell in love with her adult male manager and became his wife.

There were some bumps in the road that she had to overcome.

One of them was having to learn English.

To this day, that young woman is still singing and  performing on stages across the world.

And her songs are still played all over the airwaves.

Although she has everything handed to her on a golden platter,

The woman still hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

It was her first song that told people all over Quebec and the world that in order to make your dreams come true, don’t just sit there and dream your life away; get out into the world and make your dreams happen for real.

Although her song is in French, the message in her song speaks to everyone.

Thank you, Ms. Celine Dione!

Stay Tuned!


Rare Song List

Published June 1, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Here’s a list of rare songs that are rarely played on analog radio. These songs have been collecting dust for years. They are very rare in today’s world. Good luck finding these rare gems of music.

  1. Eternity— Dreams Come True
  2. Joanna, Cherish— Kool and the Gang
  3. Cry For Help, Hopelessly— Rick Ashley
  4. Mother— John Lennon
  5. The First Time (Ever I saw your face)—Roberta Flack
  6. Stay in my corner— The Dells
  7. Hummingbird— Seals & Corft
  8. Shake and Dance with me— Con Funk Shun
  9. Wildflower— Skylark or Newbirth
  10. Black butterfly, Free— Denise Williams
  11. Smooth Criminal— Micheal Jackson or Alien Art Farm
  12. Turkish March— Mozart
  13. Gloria— Enchantment
  14. Here we go again— Portrait
  15. I’m so proud— The Impressions
  16. Where the boys are— Connie Frances
  17. Double Dutch Bus— Frankie Smith
  18. Shaky Ground— The Temptations
  19. My Love, Let me be your angel— Stacy Lattisaw
  20. I’ll never let you go— Faith Evens
  21. Wildfire— Micheal Murphy
  22. Harper Vally PTA— Jeannie C. Riley
  23. A penny for your thoughts— Tavares
  24. Cloe— Elton John
  25. You can do magic— America

Stayed Tuned!

Nothing at all (Rare song)

Published May 24, 2009 by ladyserenity92

This song was playing in my head, so I decided to post it on my blog.  This song was on the Sailor Moon Luna Rock CD back in 1999(?) and it was a lovely song. I don’t have permission to the lyrics, so don’t copy these lyrics.

I would like to know where I could get the Sailor Moon Luna RockCD. I would be grateful to anyone to post in their suggestions. Thank you. Enjoy the lyrics.

Nothing at all

You’ve been there for me. No matter what the cost.

My best friend, since we believed in Santa Claus.

You have always stood beside me.

I will promise this to you.

I will be the one who hears your prayers.

Don’t ask me how, I’ll do.

I’ll be the friend you’ll have to do without.

Oh. When you have nothing at all, you’ll still have nothing to worry about.

Oh, nothing at all.

When I was lost inside a forest of dismay,

You taught me how just to help me find my way.

In a world that’s so uncertain,

I will promise this to you.

I will be the who hears your prayers.

Don’t ask me how, I’ll do.

I’ll be the friend you’ll have to without.

Oh. When you have nothing at all, you’ll still have nothing to worry about.

Oh, no. When you have nothing at all, you’ll still have nothing to worry about.

Oh, nothing at all. Oh.

Stayed Tuned!

I have the video of the song in color!


A Rare Song

Published May 6, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I was in the middle of  my thoughts when I heard a mystic Melody in my head. It was a haunting song called ‘My Love’ and it was sung by no other than Stacy Lattisaw. It has been years since I heard that song that beautiful young woman sang.

Every time I hear it in my head, I think of lovers together. And I think about how they made love for the first time. First love is so rare nowadays. No one has never thought about love and romance in ages. But you know, romance is not dead.

How many of you have cried at the scene in the Final Fantasy game in which the heroine dies in front of the hero? Or in the last episode of Cowboy Bebop where Julia dies and so does Spike?

I think that old song brings back memories. I would just wish that they played that song on the radio once more. Or on YouTube.

Stayed Tuned!

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