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Dashboard Updates!

Published October 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Recently I’ve been checking my ‘dashboard’ for new trends to talk about. Two of the most favorite are about my children’s story: “Obon: Day of the Dead” and about South Korean actor/singer Rain. I have some bittersweet news to tell you about.

First the bitterness.

Rain has ‘retired’ from the entrainment business to focus on his military service. Rain gave his final picture (haircut and uniform) before deploying for duty. The 20-something year old performer has said that this is a sacrifice he must make for the sake of not only his country, but the world and his fans. Rain man’s training will be 21 months of hard work. As a military personnel, the former performer will get no special treatment.

I wish the best for Rain in making a sacrifice for his country.

Obon Odori

I wish that answer was easy. I have been delaying so many of my stories. Obon is the Japanese version of ‘Halloween’. I’ve been to an Obon festival hosted by the Japanese association here in Charlotte. The problem is that my story takes place on western Halloween. Obon takes place in the summer. It’s a very complex story. The best I can do is research and try my best to make amends.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Go for broke!


Korean Americans don’t know manhwa!

Published August 10, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post is for entertainment purposes only. It is Non-educational and may not be accurate.

In an unofficial survey, Japanese manga is the king of comics with North Americans.

As well as Dramas and pop artist like singers Rain and Boys over Flowers.

Next to that, they can’t stand the infamous Tiger Mom Amy Chung. (She’s like Ann Couture on parenting.)

But it comes to a shock that a few of my Korean friends don’t know manhwa.

Manhwa is one of the best kept secrets open to those who don’t want silly stories about sex-crazed Buddhist monks chasing schoolgirls in skirts.

Or robots.

Manhwa deals with real issues that many Koreans face today; such as homosexuality, suicide, drug abuse, religion; many of the situations that touch universally.

With the recent earthquake in Japan, Manga sales have fallen 76%. As well as a recession and a worldwide crises, manhwa prices have fallen as well.

With the iPad and e-readers outpacing paperbacks, the sale of comics have slowed down.

But for now, books and cartoons are recession-proof.

And by the way…

With more people getting their hands on comics and manhwa becoming more available

they’ll be a ‘comic’ book revival.

Then just maybe Korean Americans will know their motherland’s best kept secret that has been overlooked for 10 years.

I love Na Yeri ‘s  U Don’t know Me!

Go for broke!

Rain is ready for Hollywood!

Published June 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

On my last post, I blogged about South Korean Actor/musician Rain(aka: Jeong Ji-hun). Out of thousands of fans that stayed silent, a devoted fan told me to take a second look. I did watch “Speed Racer”. After listening to just a few of his songs off YouTube, Rain Man has made a name for himself. In fact this year he made it into People magazine’s Most Influential People list of 2011 for a third time.He’s stared in two American movies (Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin). The fans of Rain have spoken to Tyler Perry: This guy ready for the big top!

Rain knows the ropes. On the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, they’ve been rumors that actor/model Zero Kazama will provide the voice of the blue heroe. Because of the resent earthquake in Japan, it’s too soon to jump into the waters right now. Production might begin in 2012/13. I’ll keep you posted.

Rain chooses roles that fit his image and maturity.Rain has albums in Korean, and English. Donating coats to American’s homeless on GMA, Rain has shown his ‘Christian’ spirit. In Jin’s opinion, Rain deserves another chance at stardom.

Tyler Perry could use a guy like Rain. Perhaps in a Christmas story about an adoptive man who ruins Christmas for his adoptive family. The man is a real ‘Christmas weaker’. Ordered by cameo ‘judge’ Alex Ferrero, the young is ordered to spend Christmas with his loved ones. Spending Christmas means coming back home.

The real reason why he’s such a ‘Grinch’…. the man was molested by a church pastor and has hated anything that has to with Christmas or with Christians.

When he meets up with a female childhood friend, he doesn’t realized that she’s the niece of the preacher that molested her friend.

The movie: Christmas Sentence.

Don’t hold your breath; these are just ‘what-if’ summaries.

Go for broke!

Happy B-day, Sonic!



Another Christmas day over!

Published December 25, 2010 by ladyserenity92

 I was luck to seek Maya’s website on wordpress.com. I want to thank Ms. Maya of “Mayawrites” that her  topics on free writing are excellent. They often advice on how to get a lot of response  in my topics. I really want to thank Maya very much.

btw.(By the way) 

The themes of  my blog  are known as ‘free writing’ or ‘variety’ blogging. It’s really splendid that I don’t have to write everyday; the thing is where I can find something that interest me, I write about  it. I want to get my hands dirty and experience what the public of bloggers like. And I have to be respectful. I remember Jin ‘chastising’ me about South Korean singer/actor Rain. I still remember that. And about Yu Kona’s now infamous(I should’ve done my homework. I was a rock-head.) This is what happens when you go into a cultural conflict.

Both young men have since forgiven me.

btmfa(Bowing to my fans’ apology)

As Christmas day comes to an end, and I begin penning down my New Years resolution for 2011; I think about the good times, the bad times and the down-right ugly times. It was on YouTube that a rare gift was shown to the world. A sign of hope!

Double Rainbow.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

Stay tuned!

Lady Gag me with a spoon!

Published February 26, 2010 by ladyserenity92

I recently heard a song by Lady Gaga.

After listening to her song, I felt sick as a clam at a beach party.

Her song(I cannot recall which one it was on the radio) made me think of her as ‘nutty and crazy’.

Why would someone want a man who is a diseased rat with no class and poor taste.

It’s official, I’m out of the Lady Gaga fan club!

Rain, I want you to bring a light to the dark-ages of radio with your music.

Peace Out!

Stay Tuned!

Is Rain ready for Hollywood?

Published December 17, 2009 by ladyserenity92

South Korean Actor/musician Rain(aka: Jeong Ji-hun) has made a name for himself by making it into People magazine’s Most Influential People list of 2006. Sure, he’s stared in two movies (Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin) both movies sucked like an octopus. The fans of Rain want to know: Is this guy ready for Hollywood?

Let’s face it, Rain is 27 years old and he should know better to choose his roles that fit his image and maturity. Although he has albums in Korean and Japanese, Rain hasn’t even released an album in English. Was the guy donating coats really ‘Rain’? In my opinion, I think Rain isn’t ready for Hollywood (yet.) I think Rain should fly home back to South Korea and chill until he grows up.

Sorry, Rain man! Hollywood isn’t ready for your debut. If you want to prove yourself worthy, just leave a post saying that you are.

Stay tuned!

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