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A story for Ahmina

Published August 10, 2008 by ladyserenity92

I dedicate this one to Ahmina! 😀

“But What If You Don’t Like Apples?”

I like to eat apples. I like to eat them with peanut butter. That’s what I like to eat.

But what if you don’t like apples?

Then I’ll eat…carrots. Carrots are orange and long. They are crunchy and taste yummy with salad dip. That’s what I’ll eat.

But what if you don’t like carrots?

Then I’ll eat…beans. Beans are lovely to eat. You can eat then with rice and you can count then while you eat. That’s what I’ll eat.

But what if you don’t like beans?

Then I’ll eat…fish. Fish is delicious as a snack. You can serve it with tea and potatoes* and it’ll make a wonderful dish. That’s what I’ll eat.

But what it you don’t like fish?

Than I’ll eat…bananas. Bananas are great to eat. They come in bunches and are yellow. They are fun to try and you can peel them. That’s what I’ll eat.

But what if you don’t like bananas?

Well…then I’ll just eat an apple.

*In the seventh line about fish served with tea and potatoes, I know that people who are Anglo (British English like my classmate Charles) might be reading my post and thinking about the seventh line. The answer is yes, ladies and gentlemen, the fish and potatoes with tea are food slants/culture slants with I had slipped in. This meal (if you are an Anglo) is often called ‘Fish and chips’ or in the USA ‘Fish and french fries’. These slants are sometimes hidden for people to find out. They are many slants that you’ll see in my post that you have to uncover to get the point.

Sunday Trick

Published July 24, 2008 by ladyserenity92

When I was nine, I had an older brother. On April Fool’s day, I decided to play a trick on him.

It was on that Sunday while he slept, that I hid his glasses where he wouldn’t find them. A moment later, I heard my brother cry, “where are my glasses?” Brother turned the house upside down trying to find them.

I was at the table eating breakfast, when he stormed into the kitchen. Turning his glance at me, he barked, “Where are they?”

I looked at my brother innocently. “I don’t know what you talking about?”

“I want my glasses, Drew.”

“I don’t know where they are.”

Mom finished up with breakfast and set a plate on the table for my brother. Mom asked Brother, “Honey, would you mind getting the orange juice out of the fridge?”

Brother went over to the fridge and opened the door. Right in front of him on the self, next to the carton of orange juice were the glasses he’d been looking for. He looked at both Mom and me from the fridge. I gave Brother a smile. “April Fools!” I said before laughing. Mom Laughed, too. But Brother didn’t find it at all funny.

This story is fiction. Anyone in this story living or dead is confidential.

I dream of Arbry’s

Published July 4, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Yesterday on my way to the chiropractor, I stopped at an Arbry’s restaurant. I was hungry and craved a beef & Cheddar sandwich combo and a berry milkshake. Good thing I had a coupon. I ate at Arbry’s like it was the last day on earth. In the middle of eating my food, a voice of reason whispered in my ear, If you post about how you love about my resturant (Arbry’s), you’ll be rewarded with all the food and drinks with a lifetime giftcard just like Jennifer Hudson. I turned my head and found no one except people and customers. If you are the presadent or C.E.O. of Arbry’s and like my post on how I jump upsteam for joy over your food, please send your post. Until then, Read, Write, Laught, Love & Live life.

Remember, don’t think the world would be better without you. The world will be worst without you. —Lady Senrenity

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