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Night Train to the Stars and other stories (Book review)

Published June 25, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I came upon an old book at the library that is often overlooked, out of print and way overdue to be reborn to a new generation of kids and adults. The book I am referring about is Kenji Miyazawa’s Night train to the stars and other stories. This short story collection is a must for anyone who like to have a little philosophy in their lives.

Children and adults will like the characters in this book. From Giovanni and Campanella, to the red dahlia; to the Earthgod and the fox and the rest. The stories are like philosophy class on a cartoon show. In a time of shameless television, children and adults need a bit of goodness to go along with. Night Train to the stars is the one.

Although the book is out of print and is now in the public domain file, I urge everyone to read this book. If you like The Polar Express, then you’ll love this book.

My Rating: A–

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