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The Big Announcement

Published July 2, 2009 by ladyserenity92

July 2, 2008. It was the day that I became a blogist. It was a year that I had seen and experienced the life of being a blogist. Since no one (and not too many people) know that I have a blog, I have chosen to keep my true identity a tight secret.

Being that this is the day of my weblog’s one year anniversary, I want to pass along the announcement. Since I’m always posting my words for free, you’ll be seeing some new categories on I’ll be posting some new items such as recipes, poems, stories, reviews and so much more.

The recession has hit me very hard and I am unable to publish my post in book form(in time, I will soon.) I ‘forced to use the ‘Five R’s’ : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reedit and Rewrite. They’ll be a lot of updates on my old post from a year ago.

A year has passed since I opened up to the world, and I am happy that this little weblog is copyrighted.

I want you guys and gals to tell me how I’m doing, what you like/don’t like; anything that you want to post about. Just don’t post anything that is not on the PG/PG–13 level.

Thank you, my dearest fans for making the happiest place on the web. Have a happy holiday and stay safe.

Stayed Tuned!

‘My Friend Mimi’ on hiatus

Published April 11, 2009 by ladyserenity92

As the title of this day’s post is sad to be true, it is. The story My Friend Mimi is going on hiatus. The reason why is because I cannot post two popular stories on my blog. It is hard work and takes hours to finish one story after another. The story My Friend Mimi will be right back as soon as the e-novel Such Sweet Sorrow finishes up. For anyone who was a fan of the novella, I do apologize for leaving you guys hanging.

In the nine months of being a blogist, I have learned that you can’t post everyday and that sometimes you have to take a break once in awhile. Often times you have to scrap a post briefly or permanently. My Friend Mimi won’t be scrapped like the Scrapped Princess (oh, no!); the story is just on hold for now until Such Sweet Sorrow is finished. I just can’t post two popular stories and keep up with the demand, that’s all.

I still haven’t forgotten about Liora and Mimi. In the meantime, why don’t you write some fan-fiction about My Friend Mimi. You could have them go into Mars or whatever. You can post the fan-fiction on my weblog. As long as the stories are G to PG rated and in good taste. No sex, killings (graphic violence), strong profanity, hate or insolent speech or anything objectionable. Any form or plagiarism posted will be deleted.

The best stories of My Friend Mimi that I like will be posted for the world to see. You don’t have to be the best author to post your Mimi stories. Send me your fan-stories!

Rest well, Mimi and Liora. You girls earned your rest.

Stayed Tuned!

A Happy Day!

Published February 3, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Hello, friends! After the Monday off, I’m back in style. This is a brand new post. I just want to say hello. After two days off, my home computer is finally fixed and ready to go. I still haven’t written anything yet. But I’m taking my time. I’ll have something cooked up tomorrow.

I’m half way through New Moon. So far, Edward is MIA and Bella is hooking up with Jacob. Don’t tell me how it ends, please don’t!

I hope you guys and gals enjoy this day’s post!

Stayed Tuned!

Under the spell of the bug!

Published January 26, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Greetings my friends! Today is Monday, January 26, 2009. Well that sucks since I’m not feeling to well. I have a sinus fever and have to say a few words. Since I’m getting searches to do literacy poems and rainbow poems, I’ll be posting some of them in about a week from today.

I still haven’t forgotten about my almost cancelled novel Such Sweet Sorrow. It has been given the green light once more, it may be my last chance to publish it. I have given myself three months to publish it or my novel will never see the light of day. I will start on my project today after school.

I also have a new short story called My Friend Mimi which will be posted very soon. I feel so sick that I’m taking things slow at the moment. Please take care.

Stayed Tuned!

Welcome back!

Published January 21, 2009 by ladyserenity92

After a brief  hiatus  from my blog, I experienced many revelations during my break. I witnessed Brack Obama’s inauguration on TV as a sea of races were beginning to awaken to a light of change. After writing (and) posting  short stories, I decided to make novels more often from now on. There will always be some short stories in a blue moon or two.

After my first e-novel Such Sweet Sorrow isn’t going anywhere, I have come to a crossroads to put the novel on hold. During that time, I will make some changes to the story to please some of the fans. This is only a ‘test’ e-novel. If the novel is popular with the fans, then it will become a paperback novel that will be sent to you for free. I’ll keep you posted.

During my long break on MLK day, it snowed on Tuesday. It was snowing on the day of Brack Obama’s inauguration. I was so happy to experienced history in the making. As Brack Obama said, we have acted like children; it is time to put away our childish ways and face a new day. But in my opinion, you can’t grow up too fast.

Stayed Tuned!

Nothing out of the ordinary

Published January 13, 2009 by ladyserenity92

There is nothing out of the ordinary this morning. It is early and so far I haven’t made a draft to my novel Such Sweet Sorrow. It’s funny, but I have a vision that I was watching School Boy Crush.  I have to wait until January 27 to see the DVD. 

On a light note, I’m doing excellent on my math and will be graduating this year. I still haven’t decided on a college that I want to attend this year. I’m still writing and working on a drawing at a moment. I hope you guys will take time to read the chapter of my novel I’ve posted. I’m working on more chapters of the story.

Well that’s it. Have a great day! Stayed Tuned!

Saturday’s Scoop!

Published January 10, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Happy Saturday, everybody! I just finished up on reading George Orwell’s 1984 and it blew me away with its ending. I felt sorry for Winston after I read the last page. If you want to know about Winston’s fate, then please read 1984 by George Orwell. It will shock you at the end.

My rating on 1984: A

I hope you guys liked the first chapter of my consealvertal novel Such Sweet Sorrow.  It took me over 5 years to complete it. I will be posting up to ten chapters every Friday until the last post of the story. I hope you’ll love my charters Butterfly and Ray as they discover their hidden and taboo love for each other.

Stayed Tuned!

1984, new projects and a tip!

Published January 7, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I’m just about finished up on George Orwell’s 1984. As it turns out, I absolutely love the novel and now I’m almost at the end. Please don’t post me the ending, I want to find out if Winston Smith lives or dies. I’ll post my review tomorrow after I wrap up reading the book.

I’m busy doing two projects. One is a short story for little girls ages 7-11 called My Friend Mimi and the other is the long delayed teenage romance novel Such Sweet Sorrow. Both stories are scheduled to be posted on my blog real soon. Such Sweet Sorrow will come with a reader’s discretion advised notice on every post due to the mature subject matter of the novel. (There are some bedroom scenes and thematic elements in the novel. The story is suitable for ages 14+) I’ll keep you posted!

Now here are two Tip Lines:

Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.— from George Orwell’s 1984

Just Do It.— Nike shoe company

Stayed tuned!

Final post (For now!)

Published December 23, 2008 by ladyserenity92

This is my final post (for now!). But don’t fear, my friends. During my three day vacation, I’m whipping up some nice post to put on my blog for you to see, so don’t worry. I’ll be on vacation from Dec. 24-26. Have a Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays, and a Bless New Year!
Stayed Tuned!

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