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Q: What is ‘Rose Maiden’?

Published November 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Q: What is ‘Rose Maiden’?

A: ‘Rose Maiden is a sleeper war/drama/fantasy/yaoi that’s like a version of ‘Gone with the Wind with nude males getting it on during a fictional war. It’s a ‘sleeper’ yaoi. Only a few mangas of it had been out. At this time, there are no plans to release the anime nor the rest of the manga.

(^.__^) Very sad.

I’ve read ‘U don’t know Me.’

I fell in love with it. It should be made into a movie. It will be Korea’s next ‘Brokeback Mountain’! It’s open-minded and heart-opening. It’s so wonderful for Rakun to bring something so beautiful that’s taboo to light. South Korea’s one step away to allowing same-sex marriage rights to its gays and lesbians in their country. South Korea might become the first Asian-country to take a step forward to a brave-new world.

For now, ‘Rose Maiden’ will be downloaded onto bootleg websites.

Word of mouth is catching on about ‘The Rose’!

Go for broke!

Korean Americans don’t know manhwa!

Published August 10, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post is for entertainment purposes only. It is Non-educational and may not be accurate.

In an unofficial survey, Japanese manga is the king of comics with North Americans.

As well as Dramas and pop artist like singers Rain and Boys over Flowers.

Next to that, they can’t stand the infamous Tiger Mom Amy Chung. (She’s like Ann Couture on parenting.)

But it comes to a shock that a few of my Korean friends don’t know manhwa.

Manhwa is one of the best kept secrets open to those who don’t want silly stories about sex-crazed Buddhist monks chasing schoolgirls in skirts.

Or robots.

Manhwa deals with real issues that many Koreans face today; such as homosexuality, suicide, drug abuse, religion; many of the situations that touch universally.

With the recent earthquake in Japan, Manga sales have fallen 76%. As well as a recession and a worldwide crises, manhwa prices have fallen as well.

With the iPad and e-readers outpacing paperbacks, the sale of comics have slowed down.

But for now, books and cartoons are recession-proof.

And by the way…

With more people getting their hands on comics and manhwa becoming more available

they’ll be a ‘comic’ book revival.

Then just maybe Korean Americans will know their motherland’s best kept secret that has been overlooked for 10 years.

I love Na Yeri ‘s  U Don’t know Me!

Go for broke!

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