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“The golden ticket” holder!

Published January 5, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Yesterday was the “Mega-Millions” drawing.

On my radio the newscaster said that the unidentified ‘winner’ has the ‘golden’ lottery ticket within the Charlotte area.

If the winner is revealed, they will spilt the winnings with another winner.

As a young child, I always loved “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

A rags-to-riches tale about a nine-year old boy named Charlie Bucket; with beat all the odds to get the true ‘reward’ that was hidden in candy and temptations.

As a nine-year old, Roald Dahl told me that no matter the odds that adversity throws you, you will get your reward.

The same thing is true in 2011 with a sixteen-year-old young woman who beat the odds for standing up for herself, in spite of  a cold and uncaring dictatorship that wanted to crush her.

The golden ticket is in Suzanne Collins’s novel “Catching Fire”.

A part of  novels of the “MockingJay Trilogy”.

Millennium Trilogy(Stieg Larsson)

The Bible

So many positive books about never giving up hope in the darkness of adversity.

As for anyone

Author, person or whoever you are…

I now know reading does set a person free.

As I find the winning ticket

in the pages of my rented book,

I will give thanks to God

(Just like Margret in Judy Blume’s novel)

and give the people of the library

for making me have the faith to hang on.

As for the people who helped me and my not-so-perfect family…

it’s all for you.

Thank you.

Stay tuned!


Published December 14, 2010 by ladyserenity92

I just wanted to tell you guys and dolls….
Enjoy your life.
It was a shame that another victim had to take his own life to know that it would be worse without me.
Believe it or not, people do need you.
Not now,
but someday soon.
You’re going to meet jerks, morons and haters that don’t give a Jean Claude van Dame about you.
No matter who you are.
You are not worthless.
People are sometimes stupid when they see ‘weeds’ in their garden.
Don’t use your fist to show the Taurus and Taura Bulbas’ that you are somebody.
Use your mind and your gifts to fight.
And friends…
You do have ‘reinforcements’.
Friends and family.
Hang on in there!
You’ll win the battle.
And the Taurus and Taura Bulba’s will be on your side
working for you.
Happy Christmas! Merry Holidays!
Stay tuned!

New Trend!

Published July 14, 2010 by ladyserenity92

Isaiah Mustafa, AKA ‘the Old Spice man’
Lady Gaga.
Susan Boyle.
What do these people have in common?
There were ordinary ‘nobodys’ that are now overnight superstars!
A new trend is on the rise! From Youtube to the blogosphere, Hollywood is looking for plain-Janes and Joe -whatevers- via the internet or anywhere in the shadows.

In the days of old Hollywood, you had to have a pretty-face and a lot of ‘gleam’. And… you couldn’t be yourself.
But as the recession has cost Hollywood to take to the web and shut down most of its talent agencies, new faces are showing up in the unexpected places.
Justin Biel from Canada was found on YouTube, and is now a tween singer.
Susan Boyle was an unemployed outsider from Scotland that was singing on the UK talent show “Britain’s Got Talent.” She’s now having the last laugh–all the way to the bank! ($6 million dollars!)
And the Old Spice Man (Isaiah Mustafa)….
Well… let’s just say that he’s loved by millions of fans just like Lady Gaga! 😀
I can tell you more nobodies that made the grade to fame like the “Mormon mom’ that turned her dream into a best-selling novel series or the school that turned ‘Scarface’ into a school play.
Maybe… I would tell you about a group of college kids that turned ‘Avatar’ into a fanvideo.
Fame takes time and (sometimes)a little bit of money. You have to plan your fame wisely. You have to do things your own way and not imitate someone else’s style.

If you got talent, don’t hide it in the darkness. Bring it out into the light. Don’t make up excuses until it’s too late.

Poor J.D. Salinger 😦

Stay Tuned!

How can I make you smile?

Published January 22, 2009 by ladyserenity92

How can I make you smile?

Should I post up more stories and poems?

Should I give you my real name and talk more openly about my Private life?

Or should I keep you hanging on a rope as I work on more details?

Well, January is almost over and February will begin to show its face. I have put my failed novel Such Sweet Sorrow on indefinite hold and won’t release it until the summer. The day has been slow since I no longer have a home computer or no funds to keep the blog going. As Soon things come to order once again, you will see my post mature and rid of the slow, childish ways it has put you through.

I’m sorry it I’m not gentle and had been slow, but 2009 will be a year that I celebrate my birth as a bloggie/ Blogist/ blogtress. I realized that I made up new words like I always do. I’m still learning the craft of the blog. Thank you for supporting me and please forgive me.

Stayed Tuned!

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