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Homemade pictures w/Frame

Published June 26, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Here`s a craft that`s so easy to make, it doesn`t cost much money.
 You take a picture (via websites. They have millions of pictures to download and print.) A picture of your own is ok; doesn’t matter.
 After you have your choice picture, go to a dollar store or craft store and buy a picture frame. If you’re in the store ask a store attended to set up your frame for you. Or, if you prefer the DIYWL* tactic, decorate your picture frame. Remove the back of the frame and place your picture (blank side facing in front of you; with the picture downward on the glass) into the frame. Close the back of the frame. You now have a homemade framed poster as a gift .
You can give it as a gift of keep it for yourself to enjoy.
Go for broke!
*Do it yourself with love!
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