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Big Mac or Big Lie

Published September 8, 2008 by ladyserenity92

For as long as I can remeber, I have always loved the Big Mac. Big and tasty on a bun, two all beef patties, thousand ilsand dressing; lettect, cheese, pickels, onins on a semem seed bun. Now I know the truth: the Big Mac is a big lie. The patties are the size of 2 pancake make-up puffs, and the patties aren’t made of real beef. The beef is 30%. The 70% is made of edible earthworms. Earthworms, people! But how do they make it so good? There was a piece of hair on my fries (as always). The comsumers are mean and racist. I thought MaDonald’s was nice to visit and eat. I’m sad to say, I no longer find such a thing as niceness and cleaness. I will no longer spand my time (or money) at McDonald’s again. Hasta la vista, McDonald’s

Stay tuned!

Fall time=Pumpkin time

Published September 6, 2008 by ladyserenity92

I love fall. One fruit that comes to my mind: Pumpkin. I went to Caribou Coffee and had a pumpkin iced latte. I may not get a gift card from the Caribou Coffee Company for saying this, but I love the pumpkin iced latte. It was very refreshing and sweet as ice cream. I wish that there would be more pumpkin treats and pumpkin eatables this fall.

Stay tuned!

I dream of Arbry’s

Published July 4, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Yesterday on my way to the chiropractor, I stopped at an Arbry’s restaurant. I was hungry and craved a beef & Cheddar sandwich combo and a berry milkshake. Good thing I had a coupon. I ate at Arbry’s like it was the last day on earth. In the middle of eating my food, a voice of reason whispered in my ear, If you post about how you love about my resturant (Arbry’s), you’ll be rewarded with all the food and drinks with a lifetime giftcard just like Jennifer Hudson. I turned my head and found no one except people and customers. If you are the presadent or C.E.O. of Arbry’s and like my post on how I jump upsteam for joy over your food, please send your post. Until then, Read, Write, Laught, Love & Live life.

Remember, don’t think the world would be better without you. The world will be worst without you. —Lady Senrenity

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