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Dr. Dre goes to Hong Kong (Flash Fiction)

Published December 7, 2012 by ladyserenity92

Outside The Star Club, a band known as ‘Cheap Beats’ was backing up Dr. Dre.

Along with Tag Team, Cheap Beats co-operation within the four majors in their Air Force 1s  that had been on the market for assorted years and progressed into a variety of delightful styles.

The best ones Dr. Dre had hosted at his concert were his signature ‘All Globally Rights Reserved’ limited edition shoes.

At around 11, the manager told Dre and his back-up band to reduce the noise. Surpasses by the sales of the ‘kicks’, Dr. Dre and his band went on tour to Hong Kong. He and his band reveled in the perfect music that the miracles of sound by acoustic technologies took effectively, blocking out the noise.

Dre and his crew performed in peace in their Hong Kong-Stlye suite.

In Hong Kong, Dr. Dre and his back-up band experienced every detail Hong Kong had to offer.  The  musicians performed at ultra-posh night clubs. The hostess girls at the clubs gave them items wrapped in luxury.

Cheap Beats and Dr. Dre recorded in a studio that  kept them cool to enjoy the warm musical feeling inside the recording booths.

This flash fiction story is for entertainment purposes only.

Rapper Dr. Dre is in no way affiliated with the endorsement of this story.



Piggley’s ‘Reality’ Show(Flash Fan fiction)

Published December 4, 2012 by ladyserenity92

A long time ago in 1950s Ireland, Piggley Winks read to his sister, Molly about bilingual books & the elegance of a blue hedgehog being controlled by children and adults alike.

Piggley didn’t stop there.

Throughout the village, Piggley told the adults and his friends about having a ‘reality show’ based on his days as a kid in the Irish countryside. Piggley was telling everybody his story and that people in his life would be in it.

The villagers thought that Piggley Winks was nuts and should be put to bed.

But only one person believed in him.

This person was no other than his sister, Molly.

That ‘Reality show’ Piggley was talking about….

Jakers: The Adventures of Piggley Winks.

BTW, it now on Blu-Ray and DVD in the complete series edition this holiday season! (^_^)

Go for broke!

Happy Holidays!

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