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I, Magic Eye

Published November 16, 2017 by ladyserenity92

After a very long haitus, I have returned to you.

The lovers, the dreamers; and the coming- agers. All the children and children at heart can rejoice in glee.

Yesterday, I saw “Ellen”.

Yep. The TV show Laff TV.


It was about the magic.



Believe it or not, Magic Eye is slowly getting a reboot.

Magic Eye: the movie.

The world’s first freatured film, without 3-D glasses.

All you have to do is, let the image come out to you.

Not too many people can MAGIC EYE.

And for others; it takes time.

Not everyone has the magic.

But, if you have it…..See if you can ‘spot’ King Kong.



Recovering my Soul

Published March 16, 2010 by ladyserenity92

You guys might have notice why I’m blogging less.

I was recently under the weather and had a lot of menstrual pain.

Plus, I was on a diet that I limited myself of anything that I had found to be unhealthy.

I just want you to know that I’m making a fast recovery and will get back on track.

Please pray for me and my family and friends!

I thank God and his Son for helping me get better.

Have a nice day and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Stay Tuned!

It’s Raining Today

Published February 2, 2010 by ladyserenity92

It’s raining today.

I woke up to the beats of raindrops on my window.

I remember the good times when my bedroom was a place of family get-togethers.

My mom and nephew would crawl into bed with me just to watch my telly.

When it rains, I would always reflect on the memories good and bad.

The rain has come back once more to enjoy the moment and the life while you can.

Make time to pray that you honor God’s love.

Thank him for giving you a second chance at life.

How I love the rain.

Stay tuned!

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