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In my sister’s room!(Poem)

Published June 27, 2010 by ladyserenity92

In my older sister’s bedroom, I see things that remind me of her hidden love.

A doll.

A flower quilt.

An old tube TV set.

A lamp.

A firm bed.

Two western books.

A victorian-china doll.

A picture of myself that I thought I had thrown away.

Just a lot of gems that my sister still loves the things that matter to her more than gold.

Stay Tuned!

A Tomboy’s Prayer

Published April 5, 2009 by ladyserenity92

We say a prayer for the ladies, who prefer to play with action figures over dolls.

A prayer for the ladies who beat up boys and play sports instead of dress-up.

We say a prayer for those who choose pants and shirts over skirts and dresses.

A prayer for Harriet Tubman and Joan of Arc who faced their fears to help their people.

A prayer for the tomboys who became ladies for good.

The women who are mothers and lifesavers.

As a new generation of women come into this world,

We give thanks to the Lord we have women who are tomboys.

Stayed Tuned!

32 People (Poem)

Published November 17, 2008 by ladyserenity92

32 people.

30 were children.

32 people who had hope and dreams, who told their families that they loved them before their went to school.

All that changed forever on that day for the 32 people, when a boy with a gun shot them all down in cold blood.

In the end of it, the boy with the gun died by his own hands.

Now there are 32 fading stars in the sky for the 32 people who perished out that fateful day.

Although the 32 people will never come home again, we must never forget those 32 people who touched the lives of those around them, before their untimely end at the hands of the boy with the gun.

For there are now 32 new angels looking down on the Earth.

(Dedicated to the families and the 32 victims of Virgina Tect.)

Stayed Tuned!

It’s raining today

Published September 26, 2008 by ladyserenity92

It’s raining today on Friday.

I should be home in bed resting, or writing.

I should be at home reading and watching a movie.

I should be drawing and spending time with my family.

I should be home listening to my music.

I should be home.

But instead, I’m in school. Making up for the classes I have missed due to the blackout.

But I look forward to Saturday.

Then I can do the things I want to do.

Next week is the last school week.

I can hold out.


Stay tuned!

Forgive me!

Published September 15, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Forgive me for not putting up a post for you. To make it up to you, here is a poem just for you. I dedicated to actress Emma Watson.


I hate these braces.

I’m the only English girl with them on.

Why are you smiling at me?

Gosh, you have braces, too.

Yours are red and blue.

I smile my pink and white braces for you.

I guess I love my braces after all.

I knew you would.

Stay tuned!

From a brother to his sister

Published August 16, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Dear sister,

How are you? You want to know how I’m doing? I miss you lots and wish I was here with you.

I miss your cooking and your smile. It’s lonely in this cell. If I had the chance to turn back time, I would do the right things instead of the bad.

When I get out, I hope that you have a yellow ribbon on the door. I want you to give me a hug. Until then, I’ll be thinking of you. I love you.

                                                                                 Your brother

Dedicated to my brother and all brothers everywhere!

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