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The British are here

Published December 28, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Boxing Day was on Dec. 26 when I wrote this ‘piece’.  It was about  Anglo-refugees coming to America for a better life. Three days to go ’till 2012. Happy New Year!

I wonder “if” Anderson Cooper was born and raised in Great Britain? I asked that after I met a young English mom and her two kids. Their names are ‘Emily’ and ‘Anderson’. Since its Boxing Day in the UK/Canada, I believe that English lady is looking for me on Facebook. And that Anderson Cooper is really an ‘Englishman’. Most Anglo-Americans like milkshakes and sodas instead of tea at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I’m beginning to see a lot of English refugees showing up in America. I might see more “Anglo-themed” friendship shops(Stores); maybe a “Tea-Pub” next to a “Starbucks” in 2012.

Charlotte is called ‘The Queen City’. And the British are here to stay!

I recently sent in an essay to Barack Obama about what would $40 USD would do for the economy. I’m sure he’ll answer back.

Go for broke!

A letter to my daddy

Published August 7, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Dear daddy,

I know that you may never read my blog-letter to you, but I want to tell you how much I miss you. While you are in Louisiana with Grandma and my half-sisters, I am in Charlotte thinking about you. Why won’t you call me or your son or daughter. Mom would like to talk to you too. Did you know that I am lonely and have been fighting depression since I moved to North Carolina. I tried to be happy and pray, but I am losing my faith and hope that I may never leave North Carolina.

I’m still keeping hold to my sanity and hope to keep on living. It’s borning without you here. I miss you so much, Father. Father, please write or call us as soon as you can. I got my first B in pre-algbra. There wasn’t a celeabration or anything; but a classmate did give me a Spirder-man and a Wonder Woman comic book. I was so happy. Mother promised me to replace a lot of items that I have lost or that were stolen from me. I now know that I’m the only one that can replace my stuff. As for J and the baby, I hate them a little bit. But I sometimes care for the baby (just not her).

Daddy, please see about me. I love you. And tell your sister and mom that I love them and still think about them too. The same with your daughters.

For now, a cover letter

Published July 14, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Note: This cover letter is fictions and for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!

April 15, 2008

Dear Mr. Frost:

   I have been a fan of the author Tracy Spencer for four years. I enjoy the style Ms. Spencer has. Her style is often kid-friendly with a mature theme added in the stories. As a result, Ms. Spencer’s penmanship fits my style as a writer. My name is (name withheld), also known as ‘Lady Serenity’ (pen name). The type of novels I write deal with social, mature and adult themes for the children’s and young adult market, as well as the adult market. The book I am currently working on is aimed at teenage girls’ ages 12-16 called Lady Knight. Lady Knight is an urban-fairy tale fantasy about a fifteen year old girl who longs to be a knight after being rescued by a young man back in childhood from a gang of street bullies. The story has girl appeal with boys’ action added to the mix. The novel was inspired by a manga series Revolutionary Girl Uteta. Back in its day as an e-novel and pocket phone-novel*, it was the most downloaded series since it first came out onto both medias. You or your associates may have heard about the series from the cyber line. As a now, most of the readers have been males as well. Enclosing is the manuscript of my novel, a cover letter, and my profile of my achievements. My contact number is (number withheld). My e-mail and return address is also in my profile. Thank you for your reply.


                                                                                                              (name withheld)

                    *Slang for ‘Cellual Phone’.

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