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A Story of two Asain Girls who though that they could get away with cheating

Published May 7, 2013 by ladyserenity92

My blog is about nothing.

Or, is it?

I’m always coming up with fresh post to entertain you.

It was on the bus today two girls though that could get away with cheating on their Mandarin(Chinese) test.

I spoke to them (in Japanese, of course!)

One of the girls cried, “I don’t speak Chinese!”

After awhile, we brushed it off with laughter.

After the two girls got off the bus, they went inside the Buddhist temple.

A monk appeared before them.

The monk had a scorned look upon them.

The two girls finally confessed that they had in fact cheated on their Mandarin(Chinese) test.

The excuse was…they just didn’t want to do the work and though that the easy way was the best way.

Sadly, both girls got big fat Z minuses and now instead of spending the summer in China; they are starting work from scratch—-in summer school.

As the school season comes to a close, think about two choices that you want to take: The highway or the (not-so-easy) way?

The choice is yours.

Go for broke!

This post is for entertainment purposes only. It’s not meant to offend any minority nor gender groups.

New Trend!

Published July 14, 2010 by ladyserenity92

Isaiah Mustafa, AKA ‘the Old Spice man’
Lady Gaga.
Susan Boyle.
What do these people have in common?
There were ordinary ‘nobodys’ that are now overnight superstars!
A new trend is on the rise! From Youtube to the blogosphere, Hollywood is looking for plain-Janes and Joe -whatevers- via the internet or anywhere in the shadows.

In the days of old Hollywood, you had to have a pretty-face and a lot of ‘gleam’. And… you couldn’t be yourself.
But as the recession has cost Hollywood to take to the web and shut down most of its talent agencies, new faces are showing up in the unexpected places.
Justin Biel from Canada was found on YouTube, and is now a tween singer.
Susan Boyle was an unemployed outsider from Scotland that was singing on the UK talent show “Britain’s Got Talent.” She’s now having the last laugh–all the way to the bank! ($6 million dollars!)
And the Old Spice Man (Isaiah Mustafa)….
Well… let’s just say that he’s loved by millions of fans just like Lady Gaga! 😀
I can tell you more nobodies that made the grade to fame like the “Mormon mom’ that turned her dream into a best-selling novel series or the school that turned ‘Scarface’ into a school play.
Maybe… I would tell you about a group of college kids that turned ‘Avatar’ into a fanvideo.
Fame takes time and (sometimes)a little bit of money. You have to plan your fame wisely. You have to do things your own way and not imitate someone else’s style.

If you got talent, don’t hide it in the darkness. Bring it out into the light. Don’t make up excuses until it’s too late.

Poor J.D. Salinger 😦

Stay Tuned!

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