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Bewere of Scorcher!

Published July 14, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Hey, guys! I’m chilling out in the recreation center after a long walk. I have to tell you….The heatwave’s no joke!

Recently, Dave Longen(former Harry Potter villan) died suddenly from heat exposure. He was 50-years old. The heat wave is so hot outside; it could defeat Freezer in a snap!

Listen up!

Take caution: if don’t have to go out, stay indoors. If you have to, take action to stay out of the heat as much as you can.

Beat the heat before it beats you!

R.I.P Dave Longen(1963-2014)

Have a great Summer/Go for broke!

Bittersweet Saturday

Published August 29, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Saturday, August 29th, 2009.

The day that is bittersweet.

This day would have been Micheal Jackson’s 51st birthday.

It is the day Sen. Ted Kennedy was laid to rest.

The day in which this is the last weekend of the month of August. And the month of summer of 2009.

As I look ahead of the new month of September, 2009, I come to reflect on what has been and what should have been.

The summer was a time of joy and a time of sadness.

We can never go back to the joy nor sorrow from which we experienced.

We as human beings must walk on to the future and make a mark in our lives.

The past is gone forever.

We must try to enjoy the now and begin a new future, which is life.

Bless you, dear ones. Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Tuned!

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