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Published October 22, 2011 by ladyserenity92

If you want to learn a technique that will skyrocket your website search engine ranking straight to the top, here’s one thing that will make you popular…

Just be you.

That’s all.

Jealous people hate you because they don’t know you.

And jealous people only like you when you bleed.

That what haters want you to succeed in. Your demise.

How I wished Jamey Rodemeyer would live to see his victory.

Although he was gay, he had a cheerleading mod of girls that loved him for his spirit.

Before  Jamey  hanged himself, he left a message to the world on the IGBP website(It Gets Better.)

The world gets better everyday; don’t let those bullies defeat you.

I’ve never met Jamey, but I’ve heard good things about him.

Jamey’s gone; but his message lives on the website.

I have a message for Jamey’s bullies: Your hell is just the beginning. You will know what you did for killing Jamey. Murderers never sleep. The only sleep they’ll pray for is death.

Thanks to my blog, Jamey can rest now!

14-years old. Such a waste.

Go for broke.

Thanks to Dan Savage for giving me ‘extra’ help for Halloween.


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