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More ‘Old Wives’ Tales

Published April 27, 2014 by ladyserenity92

What is it about old wives tale that makes people live out their childhood fascinations? There’s one about a preying mantis coming  into your house at night. Or the one about people having thoughts about other people who are thinking about you.

I love the reports about the ‘bairingaru’ craze.

I might do more ‘bairingaru’ news pretty soon!

What do you think, Eh?

Go for broke!


Published November 7, 2011 by ladyserenity92


It’s a fairy-new sleeper craze slowly creeping into Japan. Going Bairingaru has never been so fun nor so profitable. Bairingaru has become the must-have trend. I just picked this up from an outaku-site(Japanese). It’s becoming an obsession to be bilingual in this fast-paced culture.


I have to check up more about it. There’s also a ton of Bairingaru graphic novels that I found on the website.

Another craze sweeping soon in 2012!

Go for broke!

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