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I, Magic Eye

Published November 16, 2017 by ladyserenity92

After a very long haitus, I have returned to you.

The lovers, the dreamers; and the coming- agers. All the children and children at heart can rejoice in glee.

Yesterday, I saw “Ellen”.

Yep. The TV show Laff TV.


It was about the magic.



Believe it or not, Magic Eye is slowly getting a reboot.

Magic Eye: the movie.

The world’s first freatured film, without 3-D glasses.

All you have to do is, let the image come out to you.

Not too many people can MAGIC EYE.

And for others; it takes time.

Not everyone has the magic.

But, if you have it…..See if you can ‘spot’ King Kong.



The 200th post and Boys before Flowers

Published March 8, 2009 by ladyserenity92

As I near my 200th post and the one year anniversary of, I wonder what kind of post I should post for the 200th post and for the one year anniversary. Will I post a story, a word of advice or something out of the blue about my life. I don’t know since I’m no Aristotle. Only 14 post to go until my 200th post. Keep reading.

Yesterday I visited and watched the Korean drama Boys Before Flowers. I thought it would be boring; but it turned out: I loved the show. The actors are just like the characters from the manga of the same name. I hope that the CW will do a remake of the show very soon. The show is so wonderful. I hope to read the manga and watch more of the show on youtube.

I’m posting this blog outdoors since its in the 70s today. I must say that I am disappointed in myself for staying up late watching anime on Adult Swim. I love anime so much; manga and mangwa, too. I also want to read and watch Fruits Basket. Fruits Basket is like a magical version of Pollyann. There is a stage play of Fruits Basket in Japan right now. I love Fruits Basket so much. Maybe someday Disney/Beunos Vista might remake Fruits Basket as well.

I feel spring coming up next week. A rebirth of life, of hope and of change. Since Doll’s Day in Japan has past and America has Women’s day and Mother’s day, isn’t about time we have a Girl’s day/Doll’s day in America?

I love dolls and the joys of womanhood.

Stayed Tuned!

A review on ‘Hell Girl’

Published September 13, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Revenge can lead to heartache and misery. This is the lessons that are always in the anime Hell Girl. I was introduced to the anime and I am now hooked. I often cry at some of the episodes (it is sad at times) but the show’s undying lesson is what got me watching.

Watching this anime has made me realized that no matter how bad people treat you, no one deserves to die at the suffer’s hands. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series. I think parents and teachers should let middle and high school aged children see this show to get the hard-lessons about when you use revenge on someone, you must pay as well.

My rating: A

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