Odis the moon Owl(Web-story)

Salutations to you, friends!

After a brief hiatus, I’m proud to announced a brand-new story called: “Odis the moon Owl”. If you love the game “Candy Crush Saga”; then you’ll love this story based on Odis the Owl. It’s has magic, sweetness and the most important part of all: If you believe, it will come true.

After you read the story of Odis, you’ll believe in the magic!

Enjoy!/Go for broke!



Odis the Moon Owl



On the night of Tanaban, children around the world release balloons into the sky. Along with the balloons, there is a note with one wish written from a child to be read by the guardian of dreams. This guardian lives on the moon and receives the ‘airmail’ from the children around the world. The “guardian” of dreams reads the letters and answers them in the form of ‘dreams’. After Tanaban, the “guardian” casts his ‘moonstruck’ magic to help the children and make their dreams come true.

Odis is that “guardian”.

For a moon owl, he had his share of ‘airmail’. In fact, one time there were so many requests from so many children; Odis fell off his “home”. It happens more often than you think. It’s a good thing that Odis has his ‘moonstruck’ magic. When the moon is bright and full, Odis flies down to earth and like a jet; Odis casts dreams into the night of sleeping children. When the sun comes up, Odis zooms back to his home and rest for the next night.


It was on the night of Tanaban that one of the ‘airmails’ knocked Odis off guard while he slept.


Odis flew right back up and took the balloon. The balloon was red with a note attached to it. As Odis got home, he opened the letter and saw a picture of a little girl whose hair was in pig tails. The girl’s name was Shizuka. Odis read Shizuka’s letter:

Dear Odis,

My name is Shizuka Kanno,

I am eight years old and live in New York City. My friends say that you’re not real and only ‘babies’ believe in you. Daddy says if I believe in you, you would come. My wish is for you to come to earth and prove to my friends that you are real. Thank you.

                                                                                                             With love,

                                                                                                                 Shizuka Kanno.

Odis gave a light-hearted chuckle.

“It’s very nice of a young earth folk to still have the faith of a lemon drop.” Reminded Odis. “It’s been awhile since I’ve been given a request to come. I’ll give the little girl a visit.”

As soon as Odis said that, a flash of light struck the moon. The moon was so bright; Odis flew off and flew down to earth.



Meanwhile, in New York City:



A little girl was looking out her window. Shizuka was looking for Odis. It was the night of Tanaban. Shizuka opened her window to catch some air. When out of the open, a blue owl flew inside Shizuka’s bedroom. The owl flew and landed upon Shizuka’s dresser. Shizuka looked at the owl and knew she wasn’t dreaming.

“Odis, it’s you!” she cried with joy. Shizuka leapt with joy over Odis. “You’ve came! You’ve came!”

“Of course, Shizuka!” was Odis’ reply. Shizuka was so happy. Odis reached inside his pouch and handed Shizuka a crystal ball that had New York City inside.

“Wow!” Shizuka awed.

“Shake it and see what happens,” Odis instructed.

With a shake of the crystal ball, snow began to descend upon the city.

Odis chuckled light-heartedly. Out from her window, Shizuka saw her city coved in summer snow. The snow glistened like iced sugar. All of New York City was blanketed with sugar.

“If you think that’s all, wait ‘til you see the rest.” Odis winked. Bubbles filled the room. Enshrined in bubbles, Shizuka floated out of her bedroom and ascended into the heavens.

Shizuka and Odis floated in the magical orbs over New York. Odis and Shizuka were high above skyscrapers, the George Washington Bridge; Chinatown, the Bronx. All over New York, Shizuka even saw her school from above.

“Oh, Odis! It’s so cool being able to see the city.” Shizuka replied.

The lights of the city and the snow were breathtaking to Shizuka. Odis knew that the sun would be up soon. Shizuka knew that all good things must come to an end. With the flap of his wings, Odis fanned the bubbles back to Shizuka’s apartment window. As they got inside the bedroom, the bubbles burst. Shizuka was back in bed. On her night table was the crystal ball that Odis gave her.

“I had a wonderful time, Odis!” Shizuka said, “thank you.”

“Remember the crystal ball that I gave you?” Odis asked her.

She nodded, glancing at the crystal ball.

“It’s for you to have as a reminder of my visit. If your friends still have any doubts about me, all you have to do is shake your crystal ball and they will believe you. I will come anytime you want me to. I must go now; the sun’s coming and other children need me to be there so they can have good dreams.”

“I’ll never forget you, Odis,” said Shizuka, crawling into bed.


“Goodnight, Shizuka!”

Shizuka closed her bright eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Odis flew quietly over to Shizuka and gave her a gentle kiss. Odis flew away just as the sun was rising.





Shizuka’s parents and older sister opened the bedroom and stepped inside. In bed, they saw Shizuka. As always, she was still the ‘lazybones’ of the family.

“Shizuka-Chan,” called her sister, Emily.

Shizuka woke up to find her family in her bedroom. Shizuka stretched and yawned.

“Good morning, ‘Lazybones’,” Daddy greeted.

Shizuka looked at her crystal ball Odis gave her last night.

“You were right, Daddy! Odis is real. He came into my room last night. It snowed and I was flying in a bubble with Odis! He’s real, Daddy! And he gave me this crystal ball.”

Emily, Mom and Dad looked at the crystal ball.

“This is a snow globe, Suzie.” Mom told her, “it’s not magic.

“I saw some snow outside, Mom.” Emily said.

Mom and Dad looked out the window. It was summer.

“I think someone’s imagination has got the best of them.” Dad said.

Mom and Dad left; Emily stayed behind.


“I believe you, Shizuka.” Emily responded.

“Thanks, Emi!” Shizuka returned.

Shizuka gave her big sister a big hug.

The two sisters spent their time playing with the crystal ball before Mom called them for breakfast.




Nighttime on the moon:



Dear Odis,

My name is Emily. I am eight years old. My mom had a baby. It’s a girl. I don’t like her. They fuss about her all the time. She can’t do anything. Odis, my wish for you is to send her back. I don’t want to be a big sister. Please help!

                                                                                                                   Emily Kanno


Please hurry!


Odis chuckled at the letter he read. It was that night eight years ago, that a girl with curly-brown hair knocked over Odis with her ‘airmail-drama’. Of course, Odis helped Emily changed her mind. Either though he couldn’t send Emily’s sister back, Odis made sure that Emily’s sister would be the best friend she ever had.

“Some dreams are meant to come true,” Odis said to himself. “All dreams have a reason.” After reading the letter, Odis folded the letter and tuck it back inside the box. Odis returned the letter in his ‘letter bank’ and locked it up. From the kitchen, Odis helped himself to a midnight snack of honey cake and chocolate milk. Feeling full, he drifted off to sleep.

Emily Kanno, he thought. Such a young earth folk. I’m glad that I made her realized what a great sister she has. Shizuka’s got her sister’s faith. The faith of a lemon drop.

In the middle of his dream, a blot of light struck the moon. Moonstruck had come.

“Good heavens,” said Odis. “Is everyday Tanaban?”

With the swoop of his wings, Odis flew down to earth. Just as he always did, he flew through the night sky. In the 1,267 years of his life, he had never been happier. Happy knowing that they were still people in the world who still had the faith of a lemon drop.

The End




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