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Riddles for Park/C-doodles

Published February 21, 2012 by ladyserenity92

The one ‘trend’ that’s legal and harmless! (:^_^:)

Recently, I’ve been dabbling into a form of ‘hidden’ art.
It’s called ‘C-doodling’.
C-doodling is also called, ‘Cash-art’.
What a person does is take  paper currencies (mine’s USD) and decorate it with numbers, stamps;drawings and writings. Its become a trend all over the globe. Since it’s the recession, what better way to use useless paper than to turn it into art. People in Japan have made Yen notes into cranes; the Greeks and Turks have drawn ‘medusa’ eyes on their money.
Yep, people have just found a new past-time with their cash.
Instead of having money to burn, why not make it into a piece of art before spending it away.
It’s better than hording it in a collection.

Go for broke!

RE: “Rose Maiden” and so much more

Published November 30, 2011 by ladyserenity92

“Rose Maiden” aka: “Maiden Rose” are manga of the same story I posted about awhile back . In many counties, fans call the sexy-same-sex romantic war manga as an ode to ‘Gone with the Wind.’ Thanks to fans like me ‘Rose Maiden has began to gain steam in many circles. It’s a word-of-mouth graphic novel. I’ll keep you posted.

Rumors are flying that the now defunct manga company ‘TokyoPop’ wants to get back into the ring again. After the movie ‘Priest’ bombed at box-offices, TokyoPop has made the move to go right back into the publishing business and start from the bottom. As for Lady Gaga playing the role of Sailor Moon… It’s a no go, Hikaru!

In the great recession, manga and anime sales have skyrocketed during this holiday season. Cartoons are a billion-dollar business. Cartoons are recession-proof. And no one can’t resist cartoons. Cartoons are sometimes good investments.

The fight is over. They’ll be no more ‘whitewashing’ in Akria now that actor Ken Watanabe has been given a spot in the live-action film. Watanabe, who’s a twice cancer survivor was thankful to be given a role of a lifetime. What’s next for Watanabe-San(Mr.Watanabe)? an Oscar(TM)?


KFC! (Keeping fingers crossed)

Go for broke!

Books I’ve read(So far!)

Published July 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Buddha(vol.1)— Osamu Tezuka

Red Colored Elegy—- Seiichi Hayashi

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles— Jennifer 8. Lee(unfinished)

The Power of Positive Thinking— Norman Vincent Peale(unfinished)

The Diary of a young girl—- Anne Frank(unfinished)

I’ve started on the path back to reading. the next set of books I’ve want to polish on are the works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Tony/Cherie Blair.

I’ve always love the picture of Tony’s daddy giving his adult son a kiss.

Even as adults, grownups aren’t too old for a parent’s kiss.

Go for broke!


Sure made him ‘red’ all over!

Jimmy Lee

Published March 1, 2011 by ladyserenity92

A song about a ‘bad’ boy changing a ‘good’ girl forever.

The way Aretha Franklin remembers it.

A ‘rare’ treasure that only you can decide what’s the songs about.

Million Jimmy Lees are out in the world that are really individualist.

This is for them all.


Doesn’t matter.

Go for broke!

A new list about ‘Nothing’

Published February 22, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Cute cookies and wild takes

Double takes


Gags about Lady Gaga 

What does a piece of fruit sleep on

Cute cookie pictures

Cookie Pictures 

Candy riddles for holidays and lotadays

 23rd Birthdays

I thought to myself, “it has been years since I heard that song”

Go for broke!

Unleash the Dragon in 2012!

And this is the chosen one!

Outsiders have taken over the stage!



2011 list

Published January 1, 2011 by ladyserenity92

To ring in 2011, here’s a list of  “leftovers” from 2010 that just keep creeping onto my blog.

There goes the beginning of the first year.

Hope your Holidays were merry ones!

Have a nice day!

Enjoy the list.

  1. cute cookie,
  2. cute cookie pictures,
  3. tatlı kurabiye,
  4. cute with cookie,
  5. cute cookie pics

Stay tuned!

Top 5 about “nothing

Published December 24, 2010 by ladyserenity92

This list is just a small list. A list about “nothing”.

  1. cute cookie
  2. cute cookie cartoons
  3.  cookies are cute
  4. cute cookie aren’t evil olives
  5. cute cookie pictures of ‘Sakura Kinomoto & Tomoyo'(Madison Taylor)

Anything’s possible in 2011! —- Puffy Ami & Yumi.

Stay tuned!

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