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Robert K’s Message/ロバート·Kのメッセージ

Published January 14, 2013 by ladyserenity92

When Robert K. and his sister were children, they went cherry blossom-viewing in the park. Robert was so poor growing up, that the only brother-sister date he could afford for his sister was to the park. No shopping dates, no cinema dates. Just cherry blossom-gazing.

Robert’s sister didn’t mind that they were poor in the pocket. They were already rich. Even as the cherry blossoms faded and the siblings went their separate ways, they never forgot about the cherry blossoms-dates that they had growing up.

Robert became a businessman and his sister became a buddhist nun. But each of them have one they in common: even if the petals of the cherry tree fall and all of the money in the world fades away; money isn’t the real thing that makes one rich. It’s knowing the true things in life that make you rich.

In Doris Dörrie essays, the writer explains that rich people are poor when they are greedy,bitter and resentful. Rich people are truly rich when they are kind, open-hearted and giving. Even if they are penniless.

Being rich takes time and a lot of hard work, practice;kindness and heart.

Go for broke!

This post is a work of fiction. It has not been endorsed by the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad or Doris Dorrie.

ロバートの妹が、彼らはポケットに劣っていたことを気にしなかった。彼らはすでに金持ちだった。桜の花が色あせたと兄弟は別々の道を行ったとしても、彼らが育ったことを桜 – 日付について決して忘れなかった。

Robāto· K to imōto ga kodomodatta toki, karera wa kōen de hanami sakura ittekimashita. Robāto wa kare ga kare no imōto no tame ni yoyū ga dekita yuiitsu no kyōdai-bi wa kōen ni atta koto, sodattanode, furyōdeatta. Īe shoppingu hidzuke nashi, eigakan no hidzuke. Chōdo sakura no hana de jitto. Robāto no imōto ga, karera wa poketto ni ototte ita koto o ki ni shinakatta. Karera wa sudeni kanemochidatta. Sakura no hana ga iroaseta to kyōdai wa betsubetsu no michi o okonatta to shite mo, karera ga sodatta koto o sakura – hidzuke ni tsuite kesshite wasurenakatta. Robāto wa jitsugyōka ni natte, kare no imōto wa nisō to natta. Shikashi, sorera no onōno wa, hitotsu no kyōtsū sorera o motte iru: Sakura aki to hanarete sekai no fēdo no okane no subete no hanabira a tte mo, okane ga 1 o yutaka ni suru honmonode wa arimasen. Sore wa anata o yutaka ni suru seikatsu no naka de hontō no koto o shitte iru. Dorisu· derie no esseide wa, sakka wa, karera wa, don’yokuna nigami to fungai shite iru toki kanemochi wa binbōnindearu koto o setsumei shite imasu. Karera wa, isshu no ōpun’na kokoro to ataete iru toki ni yutakana hitobito wa, hontōni hōfudesu. Karera wa muichimondeatte mo,. Yasashi-sa to kokoro; kanemochidearu koto ni wa jikan to doryoku, takusan no renshū o torimasu. Ichi kaba chika yatte miru! Kono tōkō wa fikushon no sakuhindesu. Kore wa, kanemochi tōsan binbō tōsan ya dorisu· derie no chosha ni yotte shōnin sa rete imasen.

Year’s End

Published November 11, 2012 by ladyserenity92

Oh, how I wish 2012 would stay longer.

Not so.

2012 was a bittersweet year.

Dragons of Heaven & Hell battled it out.

We gained new heroes & sheroes.

We lost great people.

Amanda Todd.

Tryon Martin.

Don Cornelius.

Ray Bradbury.

Etta James.

Donna Summer.

Micheal Clark Dunkin.

So many others that left the world too soon.

2012 was bittersweet.

Four more years of Barack.

Here’s to 2013!

May the odds be in favor of 2013.

Go for broke!

R.I.P 2012

Hello, 2013!


60-seconds of St. Patrick’s day!

Published March 11, 2012 by ladyserenity92

Don Toro was a kindhearted role model/single father/blacksmith  on the now defunct Irish-anime Jakers: The adventures of Piggly Winks.

It’s a cult-cartoon still loved by many long after PBS cancelled the show. The voice actress who played Piggly Winks is now the voice of Naruto.

And about Battle Royale….

It was funny that I fell asleep laughing.

It was very funny. I’d like to get the Blu-Ray/DVD combo soon.

You want to know the secret on why I laughed watching Battle Royale?

Stay tuned!/Go for Broke!

RE: Henie Balloon Hoax

Published January 11, 2012 by ladyserenity92

Richard and Miyumi Henie were very sucessful in becoming famous with their ‘imfamous’ balloon hoax.

I’m a little confused on exactly how I would make money by blogging.

I mean who will pay me and how?

(I have PayPal. Plus a FaceBook page and calling cards.) (:^__^:) And, my ‘signure’ Pepper Mint Patty face!

Once I blog, I wonder whose gonna come to my page and how do I get them there?


I really appreciate if someone could break it down for me.

(:^__^:) Patty-Chan, again!(P-Chan.)


Go for broke!

Sweet Birthdays and “Fake” remake

Published January 3, 2012 by ladyserenity92

“Happy birthday, it’s your stupid birthday! Happy birthday, boy, you’re really old”!

I’ve got that song from a cartoon back in the 90s. It’s become a favorite of mine to sing on someone’s birthday. It’s the next birthday song. I decided to use it as part of the story. I’ve written 217 pages in over nine years. My first novel. I get to re-edit my ‘first’ novel!

Whoo Hoo!

So far for a live action remake of Sanami matoh’s Fake, there’s no word yet if Sanami-Sensei’s gonna give a thumbs-up to a remake of her graphic novel. Dee ripping Ryo’s clothes off and setting the bedroom aflame; there’s a fight between G vs E about same-sex marriage. Of which, New York and Delaware have already given its blessing to gay marriage. North Carolina’s next in line to open-arms to gay & lesbian couples. My friend Sharon G. is inviting me to her wedding soon. I saw gay weddings on television before. This is the first gay wedding of my friend. Sharon’s planning to wed her roommate/girlfriend when North Carolina gives its blessing.

Sharon’s dancing right now!

Be of good faith!

The Devil hates gays & lesbians.

Go for broke!

The British are here

Published December 28, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Boxing Day was on Dec. 26 when I wrote this ‘piece’.  It was about  Anglo-refugees coming to America for a better life. Three days to go ’till 2012. Happy New Year!

I wonder “if” Anderson Cooper was born and raised in Great Britain? I asked that after I met a young English mom and her two kids. Their names are ‘Emily’ and ‘Anderson’. Since its Boxing Day in the UK/Canada, I believe that English lady is looking for me on Facebook. And that Anderson Cooper is really an ‘Englishman’. Most Anglo-Americans like milkshakes and sodas instead of tea at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I’m beginning to see a lot of English refugees showing up in America. I might see more “Anglo-themed” friendship shops(Stores); maybe a “Tea-Pub” next to a “Starbucks” in 2012.

Charlotte is called ‘The Queen City’. And the British are here to stay!

I recently sent in an essay to Barack Obama about what would $40 USD would do for the economy. I’m sure he’ll answer back.

Go for broke!

Putin should be Steppin’

Published December 14, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Russia has told Prime Minster Vladimir Putin for over 12 years.  After a ridged election, the Russians have the final straw. They now took to the cyber media and the streets, and made it clear: ‘Make like Micheal Jackson and beat it.’

It has been 12 years since we’ve seen Vladimir Putin strutting his rock hard shirtless abs on vacation. As well as Mother Russia. But the Putin era has come to the end of the road. The world knows it, the Russians know it; and Vladimir just can’t get it through his thick-skull. He’s so full of himself. It would be a dream come true if the Russian nation would break into Putin’s mansion, pull him out bed and throw him out the window on his head.

Prime Minster, you are through! Russia wants new blood. You’ve run out of luck, out of gas and out of time. Dude, you belong at McDonald’s.

Get your gear and your walking shoes and get the steppin’.

You’re out!

Go for broke!

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