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I Am Malala!

Published October 11, 2013 by ladyserenity92

I once said that the terrorist are so stupid, that they would kill Peewee Herman on the spot.

It happened not too long ago in England.

Two men did just that.

Only he was a soldier with a two-year old son.

Julian Assange now has a movie about him.

The Fifth Estate.

Assange doesn’t know that he’s HIV-postitive.

Nor does Edward Snowden.

I know a girl who took a bullet for a reason….

She wanted to go to school.

So many terrorist want her dead or worst.

But she made it clear,

“I’m not scare to send your children to school!”

Malala is the girl who is a nightmare to the terrorists;

And ally to the good.

I want to read about this ‘freedom fighter’ for girls’ rights.

As well as people’s rights.

So terrorists beware!

No monster on Halloween is more scarier than the human heart!

I Am Malala!

Go for broke!

L’élégance du hérisson/The elegance of the Hedgehog

Published February 29, 2012 by ladyserenity92

Happy Leap Day! This post is dedicated to Sonic-fans, hedgehog lovers; Otaku-fans….dash it to bits! This post is for everyone celebrating Leap Day!

After so much chaos in the news, I’m looking forward to this once-every-four-year event.

For the first time I’m reading a post-Sonic the Hedgehog novel about the elegance of being you.

In a recent school shooting at an Ohio school that has left three kids dead and a 17-year old with a lost future, I was glad to read a book about two souls at an apartment building in Paris.

Paloma and Renee are two Nipponphiles who don’t think of themselves as worthy because of their high intelligence and a taste of the Japanese(Nippon)style of life. But when an elderly sensei comes moving in, the elegance of these two ‘hedgehogs’ shows it true style that they have hidden from the world.

In diary entries of both Paloma(12 going on 13.) and Renee(54), these young women get an education. Although people see the worst in them, another person can see the best in you and give you the purpose to live and become much more.

My rating:A+

Go for Broke/Stay tuned!

Jour bissextile heureuse! Ce post est dédié à Sonic-fans, les amoureux de hérisson; Otaku-fans …. il se précipiter aux bits! Ce poste est pour tout le monde célèbrent la Journée Leap!
Après tant de chaos dans les nouvelles, je suis impatient de cet événement une fois tous les quatre-ans.
Pour la première fois que je lis un post-Sonic Hedgehog le roman de l’élégance d’être vous.
Dans une récente fusillade en milieu scolaire dans une école Ohio, qui a laissé trois enfants morts et une vieille de 17 ans avec un avenir perdu, j’étais heureux de lire un livre sur deux âmes dans un immeuble d’appartements à Paris.
Paloma et Renée sont deux Nipponphiles qui ne pensent pas d’eux-mêmes comme étant digne en raison de leur grande intelligence et un goût des Japonais (Nippon) style de vie. Mais quand un sensei personnes âgées vient d’emménager, l’élégance de ces deux des hérissons montre son style vrai qu’ils ont cachée au monde.
Dans les entrées de journal à la fois de Paloma (12 en cours 13.) Et Renée (54), ces jeunes femmes reçoivent une éducation. Bien que les gens voient le pire en eux, une autre personne peut voir le meilleur de vous et vous donner le but de vivre et de devenir beaucoup plus.
Ma note: A +
Go for Broke / Restez à l’écoute!

Books I’ve read(So far!)

Published July 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Buddha(vol.1)— Osamu Tezuka

Red Colored Elegy—- Seiichi Hayashi

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles— Jennifer 8. Lee(unfinished)

The Power of Positive Thinking— Norman Vincent Peale(unfinished)

The Diary of a young girl—- Anne Frank(unfinished)

I’ve started on the path back to reading. the next set of books I’ve want to polish on are the works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Tony/Cherie Blair.

I’ve always love the picture of Tony’s daddy giving his adult son a kiss.

Even as adults, grownups aren’t too old for a parent’s kiss.

Go for broke!


Sure made him ‘red’ all over!

Maus (Book review)

Published December 18, 2009 by ladyserenity92

This is a book review that fits perfectly into the Hanukkah season! Enjoy.

Graphic novelist Art Spiegelman brings a tale of his parents lives during the Jewish Holocaust (1939—1945) and his life with his ailing dad during the last years of being with him. Art Spiegelman’s comic/autobiography spans in two parts in two graphic novels (Vol.1: My Father Bleeds History and Vol. 2: And Here My Troubles Began.)

This is a rare piece of work that graphic novelist Art Spiegelman has portrayed that nearly fits into the Jewish culture of Jewish authors and artist. The Nazis are cats, the Jew mice; the Polish pigs; each animal fits like a puzzle into Spiegelman’s books. What Art Spiegelman is trying to explain in his artwork is the tortured relationship of a father and son and the survivors’ and the children of the survivors’ that are trying to survive the scars left by the Holocaust.

Full of betrayal, love, family, hope and loss, Maus is a psychological and dark tale about the battle of two generations trying to find hope and peace amongst themselves, while fighting the wounds that cannot be healed. Maus isn’t the best work of Art Spiegelman’s Holocaust that he has offered to his fans of his other works, but the descriptions of his artwork can make a youth (age12+) learn more about the infamous history of the Holocaust.

A sensitive, yet disquieting read that will leave you with its bitter ending. It is haunting, but not moving.

My rating: C+

Stay Tuned!

Blood and Chocolate (Book Review)

Published October 28, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I just finished reading Annette Curtis Klause’s Blood and Chocolate. I thought I would like it. As it turned out, I found the novel to be flat and boring. Blood and Chocolate felt like it was written by a teenager living in the 90’s. Oh, wait. It was written in the 90’s.

Despite the sensuality and the suspense that it offers, this was one the weakest young adult novels that Ms. Klause has written.

   I wanted excitement, action and romance; this entire novel has offered me is a silly childish suburban fairy tale that even a 10 year old would chuck out. After this ‘junk food’ novel, Ms. Klause may have decided that the book writing business wasn’t for her.

   Blood and Chocolate is one bittersweet coming of age romantic-fantasy novel that will leave you with a bitter aftertaste. Reader’s discretion is a must; you will be bored after reading this novel.

My rating: C+

Stay tuned!

The Reader (book review)

Published July 6, 2009 by ladyserenity92

In 2008, the film adaption of  The Reader came out to warm reviews. Like most people who want to choose between watching a movie based on a novel or save their money and read the book instead,I chose the second choice.

The story starts with Michael Berg and his encounter with an older woman named Hanna. What starts as a friendship between fifteen year old Michael and the older Hanna soon blossoms into a forbidden romance. Besides a novel about a secret love affair between an adult woman and a child, the novel is about horror and compassion in the haunted past of Germany.

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink is deeply dark and disturbing with its social slants such as The Holocaust, illiteracy, pedophilia; redemption and loss. I was somewhat ensnared by the words of Bernhard Schlink’s novel. This is one of a few dark romantic/psychological novels that stays in your mind even after the last page is turned.

In order to understand the point of the novel’s message, you have to read it a second time.

My rating: B+

Stayed Tuned!

Night Train to the Stars and other stories (Book review)

Published June 25, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I came upon an old book at the library that is often overlooked, out of print and way overdue to be reborn to a new generation of kids and adults. The book I am referring about is Kenji Miyazawa’s Night train to the stars and other stories. This short story collection is a must for anyone who like to have a little philosophy in their lives.

Children and adults will like the characters in this book. From Giovanni and Campanella, to the red dahlia; to the Earthgod and the fox and the rest. The stories are like philosophy class on a cartoon show. In a time of shameless television, children and adults need a bit of goodness to go along with. Night Train to the stars is the one.

Although the book is out of print and is now in the public domain file, I urge everyone to read this book. If you like The Polar Express, then you’ll love this book.

My Rating: A–

Stayed Tuned!

The Handmaid’s Tale (Book review)

Published June 2, 2009 by ladyserenity92

A  platonic girlfriend of mine told me to read Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale. As I started to read the novel, I hoped that the story would be suspenseful and thrilling. After wrapping up the novel, I felt disappointed.

The Handmaid’s Tale was flat and watered–downed. Ms. Atwood makes her heroine Offred one-dimensional and boring. This book about female oppression in a male–dominated society is just a sad put together that was done in a tone of a wannabe feminist who wanted to spin a version of 1984.

The ending is no help, either. I was left to wonder, ‘What the bull’s sabbath was that?” I just don’t get the book at all.

The Handmaid’s Tale? I think it should be called ‘The Handmaid’s Flop.’

My Rating is a ‘D’.

Stayed Tuned!

Goat by Brad Land (Memoir review)

Published May 17, 2009 by ladyserenity92

One-time memoirist Brad Land brings his first and only non-fiction memoir about his horrific experiences when he was nineteen years old. Full of unflinching and dark drama, Goat gives a cautionary lesson to anyone that believes that joining a group can bring you happiness.

A dark memoir full of masculinity, brutal violence and brotherhood; Goat is full of raw psychological and emotional torment of a young man’s struggle between right and wrong. More than just a memoir, Goat is also a coming of age story. Read it if you can handle it. Goat is not for the faint of heart.

My rating: A+

Stayed Tuned!

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