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Author Maya Angelou dead at 86

Published May 28, 2014 by ladyserenity92

It’s with a heavy heart to announce that a woman who was the ‘poet of the people’ left us this morning.

Maya Angelou died today.


She fought hardships and racism to be who she was.

A woman of power.

Ms. Angelou didn’t want people to feel sorry for her.

She want people to do better.

A rebel at heart,

she once said:

“Let no one trouble you. For you’ve  come from greatness. Carry on. For you will rise. You might fall; but you’ll rise.”

Goodnight, Ms. Maya! T-T

Go for broke! 

The era of the wolf’s at an end

Published March 19, 2013 by ladyserenity92

Sad news for fans of Dick Wolf.
Dick has a case of N.C./N.T.
(No class/No Talent)
The point is this is the end of the road for Dick Wolf.
Cancelled shows; a failed shot at a book deal.
Dick Wolf’s going backwards like Donald Trump.
Back to the trash bin.
Wolf & Trump are many of the successful billionaires that are going broke.
Richard Belzer, Spike Lee, Tone Loc;Patty LaBelle.
This is a new era where famous people aren’t reading the signs are now paying for it.
Burt Reynolds’ was still struggling until his death.
Reynolds died broke and homeless.
Casey Anthony’s in bankruptcy for murdering her only child.
Bad guys think that the money’s going to be there forever.
(I see stupid people who chose to be stupid!)
The wolf’s era’s at an end!
The wolf has stuck out!

Go for broke!

Amanda Todd

Published February 20, 2013 by ladyserenity92

I’m still here, aren’t I?”

Those were the last chilling words left behind by a 16-year old Canadian teen.

Amanda Todd took her own life after being bullied by her classmates.

Online was no picnic, either.

Todd was forced to post nude pictures of herself after being raped.

Amanda Todd could’ve been anyone’s child.

Or sister

perhaps a friend.

Ever since Canada’s moral decay and rising bullying rates.

suicides in Canada have jumped 60% in 2012.

In Canada it was about Catholic saints, names in lights and  girls swapping mangas like cards.

Now the days of being a kid in Canada are now in the past.

When will it end?

Go for broke.

Je suis toujours là, n’est-ce pas? ”

Ce furent les dernières paroles effrayantes laissées par un vieux de 16 ans chez les adolescentes canadiennes.

Amanda Todd a pris sa propre vie après avoir été malmené par ses camarades de classe.

Ligne est pas une sinécure non plus.

Todd a été contraint de publier des photos nues d’elle-même après avoir été violée.

Amanda Todd aurait pu être l’enfant de quelqu’un.

ou une sœur

peut-être un ami.

Depuis la décadence morale du Canada et la hausse des taux d’intimidation.

suicides au Canada ont bondi de 60% ​​en 2012.

Au Canada, il était d’environ saints catholiques, les noms dans les lumières et les filles échangeant mangas comme les cartes.

Maintenant, les jours d’être un enfant au Canada sont maintenant dans le passé.

Quand cela s’arrêtera?

Tout pour le tout.

Riddles for Park/C-doodles

Published February 21, 2012 by ladyserenity92

The one ‘trend’ that’s legal and harmless! (:^_^:)

Recently, I’ve been dabbling into a form of ‘hidden’ art.
It’s called ‘C-doodling’.
C-doodling is also called, ‘Cash-art’.
What a person does is take  paper currencies (mine’s USD) and decorate it with numbers, stamps;drawings and writings. Its become a trend all over the globe. Since it’s the recession, what better way to use useless paper than to turn it into art. People in Japan have made Yen notes into cranes; the Greeks and Turks have drawn ‘medusa’ eyes on their money.
Yep, people have just found a new past-time with their cash.
Instead of having money to burn, why not make it into a piece of art before spending it away.
It’s better than hording it in a collection.

Go for broke!

Huston, we’ve lost her!

Published February 13, 2012 by ladyserenity92

I don’t want to remember how singer-actress Whitney Huston died. I want to remember how she lived. When Whitney sang she brought not only the stage down, she brought the strongest person to their knees. Although she had problems in the past, Whitney never got the redemption she was longing for.

I don’t want to remember the mistakes of Whitney’s past. I want to remember her advice on how to live like it’s our last day on earth.

Whitney Huston(1963-2012)

Go for broke!

The “press” has just gotten bigger!

Published February 11, 2012 by ladyserenity92

After so many people read my children’s short ‘But what if you don’t like apples?” they were searching for the name of a girl I deacated to. They wanted to know who Aminah is. Aminah is my niece. She’s very shy and sweet. Aminah was named after a book about an Ethiopian princess. The book is out of print at this time. Good luck finding it. You know I will.


So many cultures fascinate me. Korea’s becoming a booming country. After the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, Korea is gaining more freedom. After the unexpected hiatus of  pop singer/actor Rain, South Korea’s seeing new faces ready to take on the spotlight of ‘Koreawood’. Reports have come in about a rebellion happening in North Korea. Current dictator Kim Jong Un is struggling  to allow more freedom to his people.

The hermit nation is slowing losing its hermit status. Instead of kids singing ‘Great Leader’ they are singing songs by Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. Adults are reading books by authors from South Korea and beyond. Will this rebellion win over the hermit nation after years of darkness? Will South Korea opened the doors with its new freedom? Will I learn Korean like actor Jim Carey in ‘Yes, Man’?

Stay tuned!

Yahoo vs Google

After a slump, both representatives of Yahoo and Google have called it a day. Shares of Yahoo and Google have been down since the 4th quarter(fall/winter). In the meantime Google has unveiled more tools that some say might invade privacy.

Yahoo has yet to come up with another plan.

The days of Fab February.


Go for broke!

Sweet Birthdays and “Fake” remake

Published January 3, 2012 by ladyserenity92

“Happy birthday, it’s your stupid birthday! Happy birthday, boy, you’re really old”!

I’ve got that song from a cartoon back in the 90s. It’s become a favorite of mine to sing on someone’s birthday. It’s the next birthday song. I decided to use it as part of the story. I’ve written 217 pages in over nine years. My first novel. I get to re-edit my ‘first’ novel!

Whoo Hoo!

So far for a live action remake of Sanami matoh’s Fake, there’s no word yet if Sanami-Sensei’s gonna give a thumbs-up to a remake of her graphic novel. Dee ripping Ryo’s clothes off and setting the bedroom aflame; there’s a fight between G vs E about same-sex marriage. Of which, New York and Delaware have already given its blessing to gay marriage. North Carolina’s next in line to open-arms to gay & lesbian couples. My friend Sharon G. is inviting me to her wedding soon. I saw gay weddings on television before. This is the first gay wedding of my friend. Sharon’s planning to wed her roommate/girlfriend when North Carolina gives its blessing.

Sharon’s dancing right now!

Be of good faith!

The Devil hates gays & lesbians.

Go for broke!

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