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School’s back!

Published August 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Wednesday was the first day of school in my town. It was a day that I thought would never come. I’ll sure miss them. It’s oh so quiet around here. I recently wrapped up Kim Dong Hwa’s The Color of Water. He has drawn and written three graphic novels(manhwas). The Colors Trilogy has often been called a graphic novel version of ‘The Gilmore Girls.’ With a mother-daughter style story line. It’s funny, Original and heartbreaking. Part-sexual awakening, part coming of age. The one thing that’s rare: even in the 19th or the 21st century, the roles mothers and daughters have in is their love for each other will always never part ways with time.

Yesterday was a rare earthquake on the east coast. It happened in the evening while I was rolled up under my covers in my  bed. I was having a ‘big-sleep’ moment in the coal-black night. I felt nothing. The quake never set a starch on me.

No one was hurt. No major  property damages either.

I reading Stephenie Meyer’s “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”. Not to mention listening to the book on CD as I read along. I came to the part where Bree and Diego find out that they were not only outsiders; they were pawns in a sick revenge war pulled by Victoria(She). As the story is unraveled, the fates of the two best friends are sealed by the Volturi.

The book is a cross between Hans Christian Anderson and the Brother’s Grimm. Can’t wait to find out what becomes of Bree and Diego.

Go for broke!

Homesick for Japan

Published June 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I’m feeling homesick for Japan.

And I’ve never left the United States.

Since the day the tsunami and earthquake hit the country, I wanted to go to the Land of the Rising sun.
Why is there a restriction from the U.S. Government barring us from traveling to Japan until 2012?
Why aren’t we as human beings putting aid into helping Japan clean up?
Why are so many Japanese Americans talking about doing something to help and aren’t doing anything but talk?
I don’t care about Whitey Bolen being caught with his pants down….
I want to know how I can help Japan.
Even if we are living in a ‘butterfly’ warp just like Dr. Michiko Kaku says, we cannot complain and make up excuses.
It’s up to us to act out and pitch in to help!
Save Japan=Save America!
Thanks, Maski!
Go for broke!


Published June 19, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I have seen cute cookies.

Yes, I do love the television show Iron Chef.♥

 ラムゼイ(I can write and translate me blog into almost any language from the Google translator©!

I want to show more cartoons, cookies, royal family jokes and cute as hell items!

I’m sad to say

Coming on July 19th, my blog will be obsolete.

That’s when you my fans come in.

Coming monday I’ll be working round the clock for my first Blog-a-thon.

No joke. This is no lie!

Each day I’ll be posting around the clock to rise money to save my weblog.

I need your help to keep this post going and get a second one running.

Blame it on the crises in Japan and a global recession!

I know it’s a crying shame.

The goal I’m aiming to raise is $20,000 USD.

I’m counting on you to pull no punches.

Write to WordPress.com!

Donate to my site!

Don’t let wordpress.com lose your only voice of reason.

Act right away!

Go for Broke!

RE: Jimmy Lee

Published March 5, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I was so glad at the responses that I got from Aretha Franklin’s obscure song.

It’s not often that you find a song about a unicultual person nowadays.

It’s possiable that Aretha might had ‘used’ a smokescreen for the real person in her life.

Catch you later!

Go for broke!

A new list about ‘Nothing’

Published February 22, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Cute cookies and wild takes

Double takes


Gags about Lady Gaga 

What does a piece of fruit sleep on

Cute cookie pictures

Cookie Pictures 

Candy riddles for holidays and lotadays

 23rd Birthdays

I thought to myself, “it has been years since I heard that song”

Go for broke!

Unleash the Dragon in 2012!

And this is the chosen one!

Outsiders have taken over the stage!



“Analog” Therapy

Published January 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post isn’t intended to replace treatment from a physician. It is just a reference only. If you need to find a program that’s right for you or a loved one, please consult you doctor and make sure that reasearch a must on your list.

Have you noticed a ‘rare’ type of therapy that’s slowly creeping its way into the field of alternative medicine?

It’s called “Analog” therapy.

‘Analog’ therapy is just a type of treatment that makes you go back to what you were doing before you got into a plight.

 ‘Analog’ treatments consist of taking a ‘resting time’ form your ‘pressure point’ and slowing taking your time.

Some are ‘free’ time treatments;

and others are ‘timed-limited’.

It’s like a type of ‘siesta’.

I’ve only read about this in the pages of O Magazine.

But I really don’t know if the therapy is real.

That’s for you to find out.

Go for broke!

A Sleeping blog that’s picking up speed!

Published January 25, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Although this sleeping seed is nearing its 4th anniversary, it’s picking up like wildfire on the cyberline.

Here are what some(of the many fans have said. And a few of my ‘witty’ replies!) 

  • I like it
  • pass it on
  •  I was luck to seek your website in yahoo
  • Your Topics are excellent!
  • I get a lot in your Topics! (Really? Thank your very much.)


  • BTW, the theme of you blog is really splendid!(Thanks!)
  • Where can find it?(Ladyserenity.Wordpress.com)


  • Hey, i think you visited my website so here i am!.I am trying to find things to improve my website!Is it ok if i use some of the things i saw here?!(As long as you put in a small donation with permission, it’s ok by me. As long it’s for a harmless and non-profit purpose.)

There are times that I don’t get noticed of get to read more than a few feed lines. But I think this sleepersite can add extra value into the lives of all of the ‘ginjins'(outsiders). Cheers !

Go for Broke!

Stay tuned!

For Jin

Published September 26, 2010 by ladyserenity92

Thanks for your ‘post’.

I want to toast you with the most award.

I challenged you to send me a ‘Video post’ of yourself,

and to anyone that think that have a ‘beef’ with me.

And I will make sure to give you a ‘response’ when I’ve viewed ‘Rain-Man’s’ matearial.

Bring it on, “Dragon boy!”

Stay tuned!


Enjoy my Korean jokes!

Kev Bounce

Published November 12, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Hmmm, what does it mean?

I found it on an old bottle pop. I wonder what it could be. What do you think it is?

Send in a post to give me a hint to this phrase.

But please, keep it at the PG level.

Stay Tuned!

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