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The Butterfly(Essay)

Published September 18, 2014 by ladyserenity92

There once was a butterfly who came to me in a dream. The butterfly told me a lot of stories that were wise beyond its years. He came from the ‘butterfly kingdom.’ The butterfly told me about kings and queens; about upside-down castles and ghosts, so many beautiful stories that were lovely.

But then the butterfly died. As well as the rest of his people. The villagers knew that the butterflies were nothing but evil sorcerers in disguise. Without thinking twice, the butterflies were killed.

Now, imagine those butterflies were ‘books’. Everyday books are questioned for speaking up about injustice. Books are silenced and burned. hidden and condemned by people who just don’t care or refuse to know.

Truth is, books are there for a reason. To make us think and make us question.

Books are the real ‘butterflies’ that set us free.

Go and find your ‘butterfly’ at your library today.

Or, if you’re lucky….

Maybe a butterfly will find you.

Go for broke!

For Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Anne Frank’s Sister, Margot

Published May 16, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Anne Frank’s sister, Margot has always told me….

“Put your money where your mouth is.”

And she’s right about that.

Margot often gave her little sister advice about money.

That you should talk as if you’re wealthy; not like you came from the poorhouse.

Margot Frank didn’t like her talking like she was poor.

Margot’s chance to teach her sister a lesson came when she wanted to see a movie.

Anne wanted to go as well.

Margot had money saved up.

When Anne asked her Margot for some money to see the movie,

Margot told her,”no.”

Anne never forgot about the lesson about ‘putting her money where her mouth was.’

Speak of prosperity and you will receive all the riches in the world.

Speak of failure and you will lose your place in line.

Norman Vincent Peale

Go for broke!

“Be Careful What You Say!”

Published April 30, 2014 by ladyserenity92

In a world that judges you on your words and karma,

Words are the most powerful weapons in the world.

Yesterday, Donald Sterling got the hammer thrown at him.

A lifetime ban from the NBA.

A fine of 2.5 million USD($).

And a reputation destroyed forever.

Remember this, guys!

There is no privacy when it comes to what you do and what you say.

No matter how you slice it.

Privacy is for who use it responsibly.

Privacy is not free nor is it a right.

Privacy is a privilege.

.Be careful what you say;

You may be recorded.

Use discretion when you use privacy.

Use your ‘free time’ responsibly.

Go for broke!

YouTube Japan & The Book People Club

Published April 10, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Recently, I visited YouTube Japan. And the subject matter was ‘Who are the Book People of Japan?”

“The Book People of Japan” is a very private club that only Japan’s elite can participate. On the video, a man in a “V mask” spoke of the book club that is not ‘your grandparents’ book club’.

Created in 1968 as a suggestion of Ray Bradbury’s groundbreaking novel Fahrenheit 451 (which was also a movie); The Book People has over 1,000 members in Japan. At a change of heart, the club has lifted the ban on female members and foreigners.

The Book People of Japan is so secretive, that the entire club were in mask or shadow. 

The video was a hidden side to the freedom of reading and discussion of books. ‘The book club’ goes beyond the book.

Cooking dishes, field trips, movie viewing and debating is what makes this secretive club a hidden guilty pleasure.

I wanted to learn more about The Book People of Japan.

I later discovered that the video was deleted.

Go for broke!

Dear Mr. Raymond Burr

Published April 8, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Dear Mr.Burr,

A long time ago, you read my post entitled “The Truth about Raymond Burr.” I’ve read about you in a magazine called ‘The Globe; like a foolish fish, I fell for what they said about you.

Mr. Burr, I was tricked into believing in such rumors about you that were not true. I didn’t know any better. I’m sorry for jumping into conclusions. Either though that I can’t meet you in person; I can’t always avoid rumors. No matter how true they seem to be.

I was always reminded ‘if something is too good to be true; it is.’ I was a foolish fish to believe in the lies that was told about you. I know now that I have to be careful about where I get my information from.

After seeing you at the ‘Toronto Film Festival on “Millionaires and Mansons: Toronto” (Extra USA), I believe in you! I do. In fact, I heard your voice as Kerberos on“Card Captors”! You were so funny playing a lion with wings. You were also on ‘Justice League Unlimited’ as the Green Lantern’s son. I’m watching ‘Perry Mason’ (1958-1965) & ‘Ironside’ (1968-1975) on ME-TV Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

You always make me smile with your wit, satire and humor. And educate me on social issues that deal with everyday life. I learn something new every day from both your shows.

Being a fan of yours is the greatest thing .Getting to know someone new everyday is like saying: I ‘knew’ you were always the ‘new’ kid.) Therefore, I would like to be your friend. Mr. Burr, thank you for everything. Thanks for the magic!

(Juanita Marie Jones)

The Doomsday Zone/Zo

Published January 16, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Zo or “Zone” means a place of happiness. The reason why I picked ‘The Doomsday Zone’ theme is that tomorrow is promised to some; not to others. Some people had their ‘tomorrows’ taken away just because they were different or they spoke out against the injustices people were facing.
On Martin Luther King’s Birthday, let do our part by loving one another like it’s our last day.
Yesterday may be gone; but there are many more tomorrows ahead.
Go for broke!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Published December 3, 2013 by ladyserenity92

It’s so grateful to return to blogging after a long break!
So long were the winters & seasons.
Where was I?
A question mark is just a quest to an answer to an explanation point.

So many things to post/plenty of time to spend!
Time=Money/Money =Time!
Happy Christmas/Go for broke!
Stay tuned!

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