About Myself

Name: Lady Serenity(Juanita J.)

Place of  Birth:  Owau, Hawaii    DOB: 7th, December, 1982 (Pear Harbor Day)  Sex: Female   Occupation:unemployed

Birth sign: Sagittarius   Hobbies: Writing for fun, reading, doing art and resting     Likes: Music, art and having fun

Dislikes: betrayal, unkindness, fighting and dishonesty

Favorite book: Too many to tell   Favorite Color: Red

Words of advice: Stay true to your words. Don’t cheat.


10 comments on “About Myself

  • Hi!!!! I know this is strange… but… I have been singing that birthday song “it’s your birthday, it’s your stupid birthday… etc” since I was a kid but CANNOT find it anywhere!!! I was convinced it was from the pink panther but can’t find it anywhere!! Can you help?

  • Haha, in the most intensive google search I have ever made, is how I came to find you… in looking for that song. My brother was starting to believe that I made that song up a long time ago! Thanks!

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