The Music Makers

Published March 19, 2020 by ladyserenity92


To be uptight and/or conservative.

A traditionalist. Old school.

I found out why some people that I meet on the street;(and those in my own family) act so coolly.

They think that the gifts from the spiritword are scary.

Uncanny and errie.


the spirits have a secret surpise….

They are visitors from the dreamworld.

They come in peace.

Not everyone’s ready to except the fact that they are spirits in the dreamworld.

Good and bad.

Angels and demons dance together.

Fight together.

They even photobomb in pictures.

People stepped into the world of dreams; as they stepped into a movie.

Dreams are commercial advertisements.

Some with family, friends; others with animals.

They’re has even been reports of ‘celeberty’ cameos in dreams.

But the biggest stars of the dream world; are the angels, themselves.

The ones hidden in the shadows. Only they’re voices speak to us in hush tones.

They know t

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