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A brief history about James Bond’s Watch

Published September 30, 2019 by ladyserenity92

As a recent fan of the James Bond series; I always see James Bond saving the world.

Everytime Bond goes to work, he’s never without his secret trademark….he never goes out without his watch.

I wonder why he always has a watch in the movies?

However, in the book series; there’s no mention of a clock. Not even a watch.

When Ian Flemming wrote the original James Bond novels, he never added any time in his universe. In fact…Flemming “hated” James Bond.

When Dr.No first made its debut on October 5, 1962; MGM Studios made sure to give James Bond a ‘trademark’.

When Sean Connery first came as 007, the actor was the first spy on movie history to wear….A WATCH.

The censors were skeptical about time in the film. In the eyes of the censors, time was classified as a reference to religion.

This was the early days of the 1960s. Anything that was a reference to religion was a taboo.

It was a big no-no.

The movie goers didn’t mind about the new kid; in the new movie. And the new watch, he was wearing.

As time flew, James Bond was never seen, without his legendary watch.

After Ian Flemming’s passing, his secret agent spy is on the top 100 list of heroes in Wried magazine.

In most museums in some countries; you can see James Bond’s watch on display. Die-hard fans wait in long lines to get their hands on the famous watch.

The famous watch; that made 007 famous. How time flies.

Go for broke.

Halloween Scare🎃👻

Published September 27, 2019 by ladyserenity92

Don’t blame books for the world’s problems.

And, don’t blame the BIBLE for your trouble.

If you get in trouble; you have no one to blame; but yourself.

Books don’t cause trouble…

Just look at the mirror….

And you’ll see why ‘Boo’ is spelled with a ‘k’.


Go for broke.

About Time

Published September 24, 2019 by ladyserenity92

Time can say, ‘yes’.

Time can say, ‘no’.


Maybe not.

Try again, later.


Time is both wonderful and sad.

But, time is not meant to be wasted.

What can one do, with time.

What can one do, without it.

Times are changing.

Go for broke.⏰

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