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What I Like About you?

Published April 18, 2019 by ladyserenity92

You are my rock.

You are my clowbook.

You are the best thing to a blog; since paper.

You ARE paper.

Where ever it be in notebooks,

In bookstores in books;

You are always there.

In the air; by the phone.

In a trash can;

You are paperwork.

Papers, everywhere.

Always dusty;

Never outdated.

Paper works.

All day long.

With or without computers;

Papers the best regards to Boardway and the boardwalks.

Hollywood studios and TV shows give rave reviews to paper.

Sure, paper may be outdated; however; paper stood up to the test of time.

So….I thank you, Ole scrap of paper; for making my day complete.

Go for broke!

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