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Q: Why don’t I have pictures?

Published January 23, 2019 by ladyserenity92


You may be wondering why I never have pictures, posted on my blog?

The real reasons are….

since I’m new to blogging; there are some rules and restrictions, that I must follow.

Any picture that I post, must be approved by my boss. That includes any post.

If my boss objects to any depictions, images or captions (texts); I cannot post them.

Depictions, images or captions (texts) include:

  1. Political basis
  2. Inappropriate language (meant to hurt, harm or endanger people or animals)
  3. Adult content that is objectible to some sensitive and younger viewers. (Even some adults don’t want to ‘hear it’.
  4. Insensitive humor.
  5. Violence (that is out of time).
  6. Sexual malice.
  7. Junk.
  8. Unfair use.

You may want to check with your Blogging servers, ‘Rules and restrictions’.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

It’s a dark era in censorship.

Go for broke!

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