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RIP, 2017(We hardly knew,ye)

Published December 28, 2017 by ladyserenity92

With such great losses of great heroes such as Roger Moore, Mary Tyler Moore;Jerry Lewis. And the infamous losses of innocent children from Las Vegas and Manchester, Great Briatin.

I know that 2017 was the year of experiences of pain and saddess; but, we must not forget about the magic that happened in 2017….

The Luna eclipse;the world’s awakening that tomorrow is promised to some;but not to others.

2017 will be a year, in which a deranged billionaire became king of the world. In a year, he’ll be miles away.

Goodnight, 2017.

Sleep well, into the cold,dark night.

Sleep well, Cardcaptors.

See you in 2018!

Sleep well, Cardcaptors.🌜😴

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