“Can you turn on your lights?”

Published February 10, 2017 by ladyserenity92

In a country that always give you change, there’s always an expression in the north that’s really about honesty.


💡The expression, “can you turn your lights on” goes way back in the late 17th century. This was when people used candles to light their houses. 💡

🏮Since no electricity was non-existent, people used candles to tell people that all was well and to come on in.


There were some people that didn’t like strangers at all. 

If a person didn’t want company, their house became dark and deadly. A house without light was a warning to strangers, “Come any closer, and I’ll shoot.”

There was a Canadian Mountie that was consern about people getting hurt looking for help. Not too mention the wave of Africa-American slaves escaping into Canada that just wanted to be treated as equals.💡

So the man decided that he was going to make everyone equal as the runaway slaves.

🏮That night, the Mountie got his latren and rode his white horse and throughout the town, he cried, “are your lights on in your house? Are your lights on in your house?”🏮

🏮The whole town panicked. In every town and every village, people scrambled like eggs and grabbed their candles. One-by-one, they lit the candles in order to prove their innocence.🏮

Soon, all of Canada was lit aglow. The escaped slaves were welcomed with open arms.🎁

And to this day, that’s way Canada is the country that always leave their lights on.🎪


💡”Can you turn your lights on” is a Canadian expression meaning : can you please tell me the truth?😰

As for the Mountie that ran through Canada in his underwear….🏃

No one knows  who he is….

And that’s a mystery…

To this day.🔍

Go for broke!🎰


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