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Lady Serenity, M.D.

Published October 31, 2016 by ladyserenity92

Laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter is good for the soul.

So is music

and cartoons.

Food is the best.

Have fun!

Chill out with a chili dog.

Or, two.

Take two weeks vacation with two clow books

and blog me in the morning! :^_^:

Go for broke!

Broken Promises

Published October 29, 2016 by ladyserenity92

As Election 2016 draws near, I always keep wondering…

Why on Earth do people keep on breaking promises?

Why does the world make a person a king or queen only to sell them out?

Why does the police and the military that are suppose to protect us all of a sudden ‘cop out’?

Why is it that every time the good guys come to the aid of their enemies, the enemies turn their backs on them that just helped them? 

Halloween is not about scary masks or monsters; it’s about the human condition of the heart.

I think I feel Peter Newkrik’s gaze  upon my blog.


Have a safe and Happy Halloween!/Go for Broke!

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