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What America really needs

Published September 16, 2015 by ladyserenity92

Please forgive me for saying this. But it’s true meaning is from God. America doesn’t need prayer all the time. America needs hope.

That’s right, we need hope, and does the rest of the world. We need hope more than ever. Hope that we can make the world a better place.

The world needs hope now! We are living a fairytale lies and face the truth, we are at war. The time for prayer is over. We need prayer; but we as a society, also need faith and hope.

I know warfirst-hand. I faced persecution from strangers and most of my relatives. Even from my own siblings whom I thought loved me.

This cancer of hatred must stop today. Enough is enough. Let’s stop the senseless killing of our loved ones.

Let’s have hopeful meetings at arcades;let’s talk to one another as equals. Let’s not jump into the sea of conclusion. Let us use hope to bring prayer into order.

Let us as people use hope as prayer. Let us use faith as prayer.

Let hope be prayer.

Go for broke!

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