June 5th, 2015

Published June 5, 2015 by ladyserenity92

It was the day that the world would end. I even had a dream about it.

I guess the joke was on me after all.

<oops! My bad.>

No worries, though.

Although the world didn’t end,

I’m having such a lovely day with my niece, Elioni.

She’s a bright kid.

Bright as a bell.

For some people, the world did come to an end.


I want to tell you guys…..

Second chances are for goodniks who’ve earned them

and badniks who became goodniks because they got a second chance.

Second chances are for people who’ve earned them through three things:

  1. Devotion
  2. Inspiration
  3. Perspiration

Second chances are very rare. Not to mention: limited to a few people.

If you are reading this post, you know all about second chances.

At lease this aren’t The Voltori.

And just like God sometimes, The Voltori don’t always give second chances to greedy hedgehogs who mess up big time.

Go for broke!


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