The Butterfly(Essay)

Published September 18, 2014 by ladyserenity92

There once was a butterfly who came to me in a dream. The butterfly told me a lot of stories that were wise beyond its years. He came from the ‘butterfly kingdom.’ The butterfly told me about kings and queens; about upside-down castles and ghosts, so many beautiful stories that were lovely.

But then the butterfly died. As well as the rest of his people. The villagers knew that the butterflies were nothing but evil sorcerers in disguise. Without thinking twice, the butterflies were killed.

Now, imagine those butterflies were ‘books’. Everyday books are questioned for speaking up about injustice. Books are silenced and burned. hidden and condemned by people who just don’t care or refuse to know.

Truth is, books are there for a reason. To make us think and make us question.

Books are the real ‘butterflies’ that set us free.

Go and find your ‘butterfly’ at your library today.

Or, if you’re lucky….

Maybe a butterfly will find you.

Go for broke!

For Dr. Norman Vincent Peale


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