At the Hilton Plaza Hotel

Published July 10, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Ladyserenity's Weblog

This comic-post was based on a true story. The people involved who sent me this story wishes to remain unidentified. This post is not to harm anyone assonated with the clergy of any religion. Enjoy!

At the Hilton Plaza Hotel, a priest; a pastor and a rabbi were booking in for the night of the conference. Along with them, the priest’s granddaughter(a novice nun) snuck into the bar to get a last drink. Tempting as it seemed, the three clerics decided to go for they ‘last drinks’ too.

They had so many drinks, that they retreated to their room and called it a night.

When 6 AM came, the priest’s granddaughter was nowhere to be found. The priest called for his friends to his hotel room.

When they got inside, there was a drawing of a nude girl painted upon the wall.

It was the priest’s own granddaughter. 

All three men looked at each other like they…

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