Would you Believe?(Poem)

Published May 1, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Would you believe that you have to work in order for your prayers to work?
Would you believe that you have angels in your brain?
 Would you believe that Taurens make good friends?
Would you believe that Queen Charlotte had three sisters and had a cousin that played the piano?
Would you believe that same cousin wanted to marry Charlotte’s sister?
Would you believe that chocolate has the power to make people happy?
Would you believe that cartoons can make you young?
Would you believe that Chinese food is really American?
Would you believe that more witches and wizards outnumber muggles in this world?
Would you believe that the real magic is within you?
If you believe in this poem,
I’m happy to say that it is true.
 Believe that magic is real and that God can conquer all in this world.

Go for broke.


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